Ninja Coffee Bar CF097 Review – Free Your Inner Barista

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Ninja Coffee Bar CF097 Review – Do you wish to be a Barista pro? If yes, then the Coffee Bar CF097 from Ninja is perfect for you. This thermal carafe system seems to be comprehensive and instantly responsive to anyone who wants to brew in home or office. It strikes a smooth balance between simple and complicated brewers so that even a beginner can quickly set the brew type, coffee style, and cup size.

Features of Ninja Coffee Bar CF0697

Just like other coffee bars of Ninja, it has no pod system due to which you can have your favorite coffee blend. In terms of technology, this model surpasses the CF085Z brewer with its latest smart technology. So, isn’t it exciting to check out its features? Well, let’s assess them out now!

ninja coffee bar cf097 review

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Advanced Technology

This brewer system comes with the latest thermal technology for flavor extraction. It also heats water to a desirable temperature apart from extracting the best flavor from the coffee grounds. This system ensures great tasting coffee each time you brew.

Efficient System

This brewer system is efficient, as it makes you save money. It requires fewer coffee grounds than a few other models. While its cost is a bit more than those other brewers in the market, it is still a cost-saving deal as it saves money in the long run by using fewer coffee grounds. You still get a dark and flavor-rich coffee as the output.

Custom Brewing

The CF097 brewer facilitates brewing a myriad of brews. You can choose from five custom brews namely, rich, classic, specialty, over ice, and Café Forte. These dynamic options make you prepare different varieties ranging from hot brew in a cup to iced coffee in the integrated carafe.

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You can even brew custom sizes due to which it is possible to serve the prepared beverage in a variety of sizes. These are regular, travel mug, multi-serve, extra-large cup, full carafe, and half carafe. With the different sizes and brewing options, you can easily make a cup of preferred coffee or brew to satiate your guests or family members. This aids you in reducing the amount of wasted coffee.

Integrated Frother

You can take the benefit of the robust frothing whisk to quickly convert hot or cold milk to a silky consistent froth for making barista style beverages such as lattes and frappes. Yes, this brewer has its own frother. It is very easy to use for having a smooth microfoam to make all specialty brews. It is perhaps one of the wanted features to add a professional touch to hot or cold brew.

Great Reservoir

The brewer also comes with a removable water reservoir. Adding this crystal-clear utility to a superb stainless steel design simply adorn the kitchen counter.


  • Custom brewing.
  • Different brew sizes.
  • Frother inside.
  • One-touch functionality.
  • No-brainer brewing.
  • Light indicator for descaling.


  • No auto shut off.

Ninja Coffee Bar CF097 Review – Conclusion

This coffee maker can make you a coffee expert. It is completely reliable for both home and office use. It is not only simple to use but easy to clean.

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