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Nespresso Pixie Vs. Inissia: Which Model Will Win?

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Nespresso Pixie vs. Inissia Espresso Machine is a tough battle and comparing these two models is definitely complicated. After all, they are made by the same manufacturer, so they come with more similarities than differences. But, some differences do exist. These are not the same espresso machines, therefore we can see some major differences.

Nespresso Pixie vs. Inissia – The Differences

Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine

Here we can see that the design is more industrial than usual. This unit is a high-end model, so it comes made of stainless steel, which is definitely an advantage compared to the second model on the list. Of course, this means that the price goes up as well, so Pixie is a more expensive espresso machine. The design is an individual matter, therefore we won’t discuss it for a longer period of time.

nespresso pixie vs. inissia - pixie breville titan

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This model has a capacity for 24 coffees, it uses two buttons to operate and it has a capsule tray which can accommodate between 9 and 11 used capsules. Let’s just add that it uses Grand Crus Nespresso capsules and there are 16 different flavors users can choose from. Using different mugs is possible as well, thanks to the adjustable tray. In addition, there is a drip tray in both models as well.

Here we can also see some advanced features. For example, the pump will produce 19 bars of pressure, which is more than just enough. Brewing time is 25 seconds which is great as well. Keep in mind that the power button is placed at the back, which is one more difference when it comes to comparison of these two models.

The next main difference is actually in the country where these two models are produced. Pixie is made in Switzerland, where it must meet the latest requirements and specifications, so the overall quality is superb. The bottom line here is that you will get a high-quality espresso machine which has plenty of advantages to offer. The taste of espresso is probably the best you can get.

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Nespresso Inissia Espresso Machine

What we have to say about this model? First and foremost, it is made of plastic, but it is sturdy and strong. After all, this model is more than just affordable and it has been designed to be an affordable alternative to more expensive units.

nespresso pixie vs. inissia - inissia delonghi black

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There is no power button here, so keep in mind that you will have to use brew button in order to get a cup of coffee. The design is different as well and this unit looks more appealing for average users. It definitely doesn’t offer an industrial look. The country of origin is different as well and we can see this unit manufactured in Romania and China.

But, despite the low price, this model comes with impressive characteristics. It offers a capacity for 24 cups of coffee, it is easy to use and brewing time is 25 seconds. The unit uses the same capsules as Pixie model we have explained and there are 16 different flavors.

The pump is actually the same in both models. It has a power of 19 bars, which is more than just sufficient. Other, important facts we must explain include an adjustable tray and a drip tray which is standard on both models. The next main difference is an automatic turn off the feature, which will turn it off after 9 minutes of inactivity. This unit is actually eco-friendly and it is A rated when it comes to energy efficiency.

All we can say here is that you have a chance to get an affordable model which has plenty of similarities to the Pixie model, which is almost 4 times more expensive. On the other hand, you don’t get an industrial look or stainless steel construction, but the essence will be yours. Inissia still provides great coffee at all times.

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Conclusion, Nespresso Pixie vs. Inissia Espresso Machine

Nespresso Pixie vs. Inissia comparison is truly interesting as you can see. Both models offer a great tasting coffee at any given moment and they can be easily stored and used. Yes, there are some differences, but at the end, all of that comes to the price. Pixie is better made and more expensive, while Inissia is more affordable and comes with q decent level of quality. Both units use the same type of capsules.

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