Moka Pot Vs. French Press

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Comparing Moka pot vs. French press is obviously a very simple task that won’t require a lot of time. Basically, these two coffee makers are completely different, so we will only list the main differences. This also means that there won’t be a winner in this case scenario. Each of them is more appealing to a specific type of people, so there is no better and worse.

Moka Pot

This coffee maker comes from Italy and it is very common there. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to see a house where this unit doesn’t exist. It is made of stainless steel or aluminum and it has three main compartments. Basically, it works on a simple principle, yet it offers superb coffee at any given moment.

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The three parts include a water chamber, a coffee place, and a filter. The water is located at the lower end and alongside it heats, it will raise and pass through the coffee and end to the upper chamber. After that, you are ready to get a cup of coffee you want. This is a slow and appealing process for those who like drinking coffee daily. It also allows for you to enjoy the brewing process and to make the perfect cup of coffee according to your specific needs.

The look of the Moka Pot cannot be generalized. There are a lot of different models out there that you can find almost any shape or size. It is also possible to find vintage models which are popular at the moment.

The price cannot be generalized either and it is low. But, premium models are expensive, so be prepared to pay for them, if you want that type of a Moka Pot. In addition, stainless steel models are less effective and slower, but they are more expensive.

Keep in mind that you should use a slower heating setting on your stove. It will eliminate the risk of burning your coffee which will result in a poor overall quality and with a disgusting taste. Also, you will need finer coffee grinding for this method.

French Press

Despite the name, French Press was invented by an Italian inventor back in 1929. Ever since it stayed almost the same and the main elements stayed unchanged. Chances are high that they will stay like that in the future as well. Of course, we should add that there are so many different models out there that it is an easy task being able to choose the one you actually prefer.

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French press is made of stainless steel and glass. At the bottom, you will have the mixture of hot water and coffee and in the middle, you will have the filter. Pressing the filter will force the coffee to go in the upper chamber and it will be ready for you in a minute. As a matter of fact, the actual time needed for you to make a cup of coffee is 4 minutes.

French press offers rich and powerful coffee at any given moment. It is more than just appreciated among those who like drinking coffee daily and it is believed that French press is desirable for those who always seek the best coffee.

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Make sure that the coffee isn’t mixed with boiled water. This is one of the most common mistakes when it comes to using a French press and the result is annoying in the lack of a better word. You definitely don’t want this coffee.

We must add that generally, using French press is simple and it cannot get any simpler actually, but if you are looking for a better quality and odor of the coffee, you will need some experience. There are a lot of tutorials that can help you prepare the best coffee for you and for your loved ones.

Moka Pot Vs. French Press – Conclusion

As you can see, we come to an end with our Moka pot vs. French press comparison. Both of these methods are appealing and desirable among the coffee lovers. Both of them are old and traditional and both require some skills. They are reserved for those who want the best taste of coffee at any given moment and for those who want to participate in the making progress.

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