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does apple cider vinegar go bad

In this diet conscious world, people are very much aware of their body and about the food they consume. People used to take fresh and good health remedies which cannot..

how long do mushrooms last in fridge

Mushroom contributes to an essential part of our diet because of its healthy constituents. It can be easily combined up with any sort of dish that makes it a versatile..

can you microwave mason jars

People consider a mason jar as something used for keeping canned food, preserving pickles or even decorating the places at Halloween and Christmas parties. However, they are not aware of..

how to clean drip pans

If you are looking for tips on how to clean drip pans, you are on the right page. Even in the cleanest house, there are chances you will find some..

how long does coconut oil last

The peculiarities of coconut oil have always made it one of the most loved and preferred oil for both edibility and external usage. In fact, in many parts of the..

can you microwave styrofoam - udon - ramen

Whether you are the veteran of hygiene, even a tiny mistake can turn out your food to be harmful and tasteless. One of the most common mistakes that we make..

buttermilk substitutions

Buttermilk Substitutions - Buttermilk is a kind of fermented milk, and it is used in various recipes. Some people do not cook more often. Hence, they don’t buy the whole..

types of grills - grilling

Types of Grills - Grilling is considered to be the most popular method for cooking. With its efficient use and benefits, it can be seen easily that countless people are..

how to tell if salmon is bad

You know it very well that salmon is a first-class source of protein as well as it is rich in omega 3 fatty acid. Eating it can benefit you a..

Can You use Cast Iron on a Glass Top Stove

Can you use cast iron on a glass top stove? The question bothers many homemakers who don’t know whether cast-iron is ok to use on glass stove. Well, the correct..