Mini Hasselback Potato Recipe – Another Mini Food Idea

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Hasselback potato recipe – If you’re a fan of potato dish and want to see something unique, you should try this mini potato Hasselback recipe.

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Hello, folks, it is Barry here. Welcome to my virgin kitchen hope you are well. Today is another Sunday Funday video, it is the turn of mini food. You guys love the mini food, I love the mini food. I have had lots of requests surprisingly to make a mini Hasselback potato recipe I thought that is quite easy so I wanted to do something a little harder. Sorry to put down the baked potato posse but we are going to do a mini Hasselback potato. I have done one of those before. Here is an image on the screen right now.

Basically, a baked potato where you slice it into segments nearly all the way through. It kind of blossoms as it bakes and I think it is going to work. I am double excited because where is it. I am going to be using my mini cheese grater I got sent 3 of these so thanks so much for that will be using that later on. But without further ado, let's get going.

It is fair to say the mini food apparatus arsenal is growing and many sent in by you guys. So thanks for that this pan which we will use in just a moment. Of course, this hamper is never getting old loving it to a bit. We have a nice little mini salad potato perfect for our mini food plate. Which we will come to in just a moment but first things first.

Cutting Bacon

We are going to need to cook some bacon. Now, this is the thinnest rasher of bacon I can find I am going to have to halve it and halve again using the scalpel. The amazing thing about this mini food is I do not actually need that much bacon.

So this fat area I do not need that so can give it to the dog. I am going to wipe down this area so do not worry folks, let's get a nice segment out of here. Like an operation or something there we go. That strip there is perfect we cut it down to chunks. Now there we go, does not want to come off my thumb. Nice segments of bacon which we will now cook up.

Cooking Bacon

Alright, let's get this down on a low flame it is going to balance. A little drizzle of olive oil and then we just push in the bacon. I do not think this is going to take long to cook at all. Time to wash the board and cook this up. And of course, our nail file is perfect for stirring these around. So get them nice and cooked through then rest to one side on a teeny piece of kitchen towel.

Cutting Potato

So here is the potato and the clean scalper knife and all we are going to do are careful. This is a sharp blade on this thing we are going to cut nearly all the way down in segments. Ok, so you can see that pattern there. I am going to repeat it all the way across. Alright, and my last incision on the end watch out for the ends.

If you are trying this you will notice my fingers have gone a little wet from the starch. That looks a little like an armadillo the starch in potatoes when you slice a potato. Anyway, give them a pat dry so another sheet of mini kitchen towel here. We want to get rid of that starch make it as dry as possible.

Cooking Potato

Next thing is a coat in olive oil to lubricate it. Roll it around there encourage it to fall in the grooves to get it in if you can. Giving it a sprinkle of salt, and then pepper I do not have mini salt and pepper grinders. No doubt you guys will tell me where to get them.

So now we are going to bake this in the oven, normally you would bake it in the oven just on the shelf for a normal potato. Maybe I will do a video on how I do a baked potato if you want to see that. But let's see if it will fit on there, maybe it will.

So here is one of the shelves from the oven. The potato does just fit on there perfect. So I need to pre-heat the oven get it cooked and see if it blossoms. Super excited because I am using the mini cheese grater with the parmigiana regianno.


The good stuff right on there freshly grated, that is quite a lot. We are also now going to chop up the chives because they are going in there. Also some standard slices of cheddar cheese in little squares. Folks I have just taken it from the oven but if you excuse the pun, ah that is hot indeed. You can see the slices there it as given me a gap once it cools down to fill it.

So just to show you will the nail file we have some pockets that have opened up now. Which we can fill with the ingredients so sticking slices of cheese in, and in goes the bacon. Managed to get all the bacon in there and a little sprinkle of our cheese. We are going to bake it in our oven just to melt through the cheese and finish with the chives. Hasselback potato recipe.


Here we go, folks, straight from the oven is our mini Hasselback potato recipe. The cheese nice and melted there let's give it a little topping. I just found some creme fraiche amazing. So a little creme fraiche and a sprinkle of chives on top.

Loving that height and here, as usual, is a coin for scale purposes. I cannot wait to eat this. Well, I would call this mini food a success down the hatch. That is perfect portion control another mini food success loving it.

Any more mini food ideas? Let me know below subscribe if you have not already. Do not forget to follow me on social media for regular pictures of pugs. See you next time.

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