Can you Microwave Mason Jars?

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People consider a mason jar as something used for keeping canned food, preserving pickles or even decorating the places at Halloween and Christmas parties. However, they are not aware of the fantastic properties and qualities that this Mason jar can have for you!

can you microwave mason jars

How can you microwave mason jars: A simple guide

While using those unfavorable plastic containers, did you ever asked someone whether they can microwave mason jars? Probably not! But if you did, then you know how amazing the Mason jar could be for storage. These incredibly compact and convenient jars are so versatile that they can be easily kept in your microwave. Here is how you can do it!

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The procedure of microwaving mason jars!

In general, the process of microwaving Mason jar is considered as sterilization or pasteurization. This is done to avoid any micro-organisms from contaminating your foodstuff. This even ensures an increased lifespan of your food, thus, making it healthy to eat even during long seasons. The process makes your jar, a perfect can for storing food, and even fruits or vegetables. So, avoid using the traditional ways of sterilizing them on the stove and adapt this one.

  • Take up your jars and clean them out perfectly, even if they seem clean, do it again to make them pure enough.
  • To clean the jars, make use of regular baking soda if they aren’t much dirty. However, in case there is food remaining or spots use detergent to do so.
  • Now rinse the excess detergent through water and clean the mason jars thoroughly.
  • Make sure your jars aren’t contaminated, broken or have cracks, any of these will lead to problems during microwaving.

So, after cleaning the jars thoroughly, you can proceed up with the further step. As you might already know that placing empty containers in the microwave is not recommended; thus, water will help us in the sterilization process. This too can be done in two different ways, as indicated below.

  • Fill some water in the mason jars before microwaving them. Now, when the process ends, you will have the water evaporated and the jars hot and wet. Take them out gently with towels and don’t touch their mouth as it can burn your hand.
  • If you don’t want to wet your jars, then place a glass filled 90% with water along with the jars in your microwave. Place the glass a bit away from your jar so that it continues boiling and doesn’t create any obstacle in the sterilization process.

Time required for sterilization

  • 1-2 minutes- for jars less than 1 liter.
  • 3-4 minutes- for jars weighing 1-4 liter.
  • 5 minutes- for jars measuring more than 3 liters.

This process is known as pasteurization where you sterilize the whole jar with food as well. However, in this case, the lid of your jar needs to be microwaved differently. To undertake this, fill up your jars and don’t put the lid, now add marinade or syrup, put the jars in and microwave them on 700-800 Watt. As boiling ends, do this for 2-3 minutes more, and then close the lid taking the jars out. This is the easy step to go through pasteurization.

So, can you microwave mason jars? Yes, you can, and now you know how to microwave mason jars filled with foodstuff.

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