Mercer Knife Set – Review of The Best and Most Durable Sets

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Mercer Knife Set Reviews – A high-quality, sharp knife is one of the major essentials in a cutlery set of a kitchen. A set of knives is the best tool for the chefs. However, buying a good knife set is not easy.

Just one knife may not help you to do all types of cutting activities. That is why the reliable brands always offer comprehensive sets that include knives with diverse types of blades. We have read various users’ comments and checked out the ratings for every product. We have found that Mercer Culinary has gained the high attention of the users.

Mercer Knife Set –  3 Popular Sets

For slicing, dicing or chopping the foods, Mercer knife set is the best option. The large-sized knives are useful for every purpose – To cut veggies, to slice chicken or to chop the herbs. Their length may range from almost five to ten inches.

However, the serrated knives are best to slice the bread and fruits. On the basis of construction, knives are of various types. The forged knife is much heavy, balanced and durable, while the stamped ones have flattened steel sheet and sharp edge.

Now, let’s read the genuine review of the best Mercer knife sets.

#1. Mercer Culinary Renaissance 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set

mercer knife set

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Number of knives

You can get 6 pieces of knives in this set. Each of the knives has blades of different looks, and thus, you may use those knives for various purposes.

Handle design

The handles of these knives are triple-riveted, and due to this design, you can find them to be highly ergonomic. Triple-riveted shape indicates that there are three stainless steel rivets. Mercer has chosen Delrin as the material for this handle. Delrin is a type of thermoplastic that makes your knife handle water resistant and very lightweight.

Taper-ground edge

The size of the knife blade decreases from its tips to its handle. The design cuts the blade’s edge. This blade is capable of withstanding the action of cutting food in a better way.

Best quality materials

This Mercer knife set is made of high carbon, and there is no issue of discoloration, rust, and corrosion.


The bolster is very short in length to offer more strength to the piece. This also gives protection to your fingers at the time of cutting anything.

  • Easy to hone.
  • Highly stable.
  • Sharp knives.
  • Rounded spine.
  • Cut and chop foods smoothly.
  • NSF certified knives.

  • Uneven sides.

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#2. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Knife

mercer knife set

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We have chosen another Mercer knife set, containing 6 pieces. These pieces include a bread knife (8 inches), chef knife (8 inches), boning knife (6 inches), utility knife (5 inches) and paring knife (5 inches).


The manufacturer has used high-carbon German steel to design these knives. You may use them regularly for cutting your fruits and vegetables. The rust-resistant capacity of these knives is another positive feature.

Forged construction

Mercer has offered you forged knife, where you can find one steel piece of construction. The rearrangement of the molecular structure has made this steel much stronger.


The handles are designed with Santoprene, a type of rubberized materials. You can grip the handle very comfortably. While your hands are wet, the knives won’t slip off your hands. Another feature of this handle is that it can endure high and low temperature.

Full Tang

We have found this feature in most of the reliable knives. The tang runs all through the handle’s length, and it is intended to retain the right balance.

  • Does not get discolored.
  • Non-slip handle.
  • Not easily breakable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Sharpness, retained for a longer time.

  • Stain problem with the steel.

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#3. Mercer Culinary Millennia 8-Piece Knife Roll Set

mercer knife set

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8-piece set

This is a cutlery set of eight pieces of knives, and you will get all the useful items, including boning knife, paring knife, chef knife, sharpening steel and knives with Sankuto-Granton edge and offset wavy edge.


Just like the German steel, Japanese steel is also of very high quality. The use of this steel is common for most of the kitchen knives, and that’s why Mercer has chosen it for its products. Due to the use of this steel, you can sharpen the knives very easily. This steel also has stain resistant feature.

Finger guard

This is one of the protective features of the knives. You won’t have the risk of injury while cutting the vegetables. Another safety feature of these knives is the textured finger points.

Ergonomic handle

The manufacturer has chosen Santoprene to design the handles. This material has made the handle highly comfortable to hold. It has also applied polypropylene to increase the durability.

  • One-piece steel.
  • Stain-free blade.
  • NSF certified.
  • Slip-resistant safe handles.

  • Must have better sharpness.

Final Word

Thus, choose the best Mercer knife set and invest in it to slice everything smoothly. Most of the users have found Mercer’s products to be highly reliable.

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