How to Melt Peanut Butter: 3 Ways to Try

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How to Melt Peanut Butter – With a sweet-cum-salty taste, peanut butter is perhaps a favorite ingredient in several sandwiches, desserts, and fruit dishes. For the lovers of this ingredient, the possibilities of using it in different delicious ways are endless!

Whether you prefer warming or melting, it is easy to melt it if you know how to do so exactly. The reason why many find it tough to melt or mix with other items is its thick consistency. Its stubborn nature and mouth-sticking ability seem to make this task challenging.

However, the truth is that there are some easy and safe ways to consider when it comes to how to melt peanut butter without making it too hot or burned. Before exploring these ways, let’s take a look at some vital points to know for melting it right.

how to melt peanut butterFacts to Know for Melting Peanut Butter

Prior to cocking any kind of food, it is essential to know its ingredients. This is because the ingredients influence the manner in which the food reacts to heating. Peanut butter in a standard jar has 16g of fat as per the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

It is a fact that fat burns quickly. So, it is essential to be diligent and slow while melting peanut butter, particularly if direct heat is used to do so. It is wise to add some kind of liquid such as water or milk to make the liquefied form of peanut butter smoother and more flavorful.

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Regardless of the melting method, it should not take too long for the butter to melt. So, it is best to keep stirring for gaining the desired texture. It is essential to remember that it is best to use the melted peanut butter soon. This is because the melted butter shall start hardening at room temperature.

Ways to Try for How to Melt Peanut Butter Effectively and Safely

If you think microwave is the only way to melt peanut butter, you need to re-think by exploring the different other ways given below.

#1. Using Stove

Peanut butter in a small pan on gas is perhaps the direct and quickest ways to explore when it comes to how to melt peanut butter swiftly. Just pour the desired amount of peanut butter into it and put the flame on a low level.

The butter will start to melt on its own and then you add the other ingredients to it for making your recipe. Once the butter is into its liquid state, it is time to whisk it so that the solids and oil contents are segregated.

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You need to immediately take the butter out for getting the desired level of consistency. Usually, six minutes or a little more is fine to get the liquefied butter but the exact time is totally dependent on the quantity of peanut butter and other ingredients if any.

Ensure that you melt it on low temperature, as a high temperature would burn peanut butter. So, it is critical to ensure that the process goes fine.

#2. Scooping Out with Liquid

This is perhaps the most common way to how to melt peanut butter for a cake or a dessert. In this method, you simply mix peanut butter and other liquid but in the hot state.

You start by adding some peanut butter in a bowl and heating some amount of chosen liquid in a pan. The choice of liquid shall depend upon the recipe you are making. Mostly, it is either cream or milk.

Heat the chosen liquid on low or medium heat. Then, mix the hot liquid with the peanut butter in the bowl and whisk it well until the butter melts. You can now mix this combination with your recipe.

#3. Blending

This is perhaps a non-heat mechanism to how to melt peanut butter. If there is a processor or blender, you can melt it easily without the flame. Just add peanut butter and some flavoring agents such as soy sauce or vinegar.


Most people consider it as a staple food for sandwiches or simply for enjoying fresh apples. Peanut butter is ideal for a dish that should not be very sweet and yet it is satisfying. When it comes to using it in melted form, many people find it challenging to implement how to melt peanut butter. However, it is not difficult to do so.

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