Maverick Et-732 Remote Bbq Smoker Thermometer

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We all know that in order to have a perfect barbecue, you must find the best and the most accurate temperature. So, how you can do that? One way is to use the Maverick Et-732. It is an advanced thermometer of the latest generation that comes with impressive features. Let’s see all of them.

Features of Maverick Et-732

maverick et-732

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Wireless receiver

One of the best and the most important advantages of the tested unit is the wireless receiver. Basically, it allows you to monitor the temperature of the meat from 300 feet. The wireless receiver will beep and flash when the meat reaches the programmed temperature setting.

Now you can have a relaxed and delicious barbecue while having fun with friends. As we have mentioned, the tested model is a high-end thermometer of the latest generation.

Measures temperature up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit

The next best thing about this model is the maximum temperature it can measure. It is up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that you can use it for all kinds of meat and meals you may cook on your barbecue. Don’t forget that the thermometer is accurate and it will stay accurate at all times.

Two timers

Now users have the ability to use the thermometer with two timers. One is count down while the second one is a count-up timer. Programming the ideal temperature is easy and requires a few steps. Add the just mentioned timers and you will be notified of the ideal temperature immediately. The risk of overcooked meat is a thing of the past.

LCD with backlight

Chances are high that some of you will need a wireless receiver with a backlight. If you are one of them, you will appreciate the fact this model comes with a backlight. It is implemented into the LCD and it makes the receiver even more useful and more practical. Now you can use it when the visibility is low and at night. It is up to you.

Available in different colors

All premium thermometers must be available in different colors, in order that they can be matched with the design of a barbeque. This one comes in black, white and silver. There is also a version with the claws which make the use easier and more appealing.


  • Manufacturer: Maverick.
  • Model: Et-732.
  • Color: White.
  • Materials: Stainless steel and plastics.
  • Range: 300 feet.
  • Max temperature: 572 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Temperature resistance: Up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Accurate temperature reading.
  • Wireless receiver is great and easy to use.
  • Maximum temperature up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Two timers.
  • Easy to use.

  • Only white version is available with claws.
  • Can’t be calibrated.


The Maverick et-732 is a high-end thermometer of the modern generation that comes with all the features you are going to need ever. If you are always looking for a way to make your barbeque simpler and more accurate, this is the tool you must have. We should add that the overall quality is impressive and the durability is even better.

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