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Mangosteen Juice Health Benefits

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Not many people are familiar with the mangosteen juice or even realize that such a juice has its own health benefits. A lot have mistaken the fruit as mango because of the similarities between the names. In reality, the mangosteen fruit has its own benefits and advantages. There are a lot of products out there, depending on how you want to improve your own condition and health factor.

About Mangosteen in General

Mangosteen is basically a fruit with dark and hard rind. It has a unique citrus taste with peachy texture – quite a unique fruit, isn’t it? You can consume this fruit just like that but in most cases, you can also mix the fruit with others.

In some of the most popular products, this fruit is often combined with other fruits to improve its health benefits and also the flavor. The natural taste is nice and fresh but once it is manufactured and produced, the taste is improved to the highest level.

Mangosteen Juice Benefits

One of the reasons why people would consume the mangosteen juice is because of the health benefits. One of them is to reduce inflammation. Poor lifestyle and habit often lead to internal inflammation which is responsible for heart issues and also diabetes. Well, this juice is believed to reduce the possibility of inflammation, especially when consumed regularly.

Based on several studies, those who consume the juice twice a day experience improved health, including the possibility of internal inflammation. Of course, it takes further studies and researchers to really find out the benefits of the juice but it doesn’t hurt to consume the juice on a daily basis. Aside from the fresh taste, the natural effect will be able to help you with your health maintenance and regime.

Besides the lowered possibility of internal inflammation, this juice is also believed to have other health benefits, such as:

#1. Dealing with gum disease

Periodontitis is a condition that will affect the gum condition as well as the surrounding nerves. According to some studies, patients who apply a specialized ointment or gel containing the juice directly to their gums experience an improvement in their condition. Again, such study still requires further examination and checking. But people, in general, believe that regular consumption of the juice will be able to improve the condition – you can also use it as a preventive manner to your gum issue.

#2. Helping with antioxidant level

Antioxidants are great to combat free radicals – they are, after all, responsible for any health issues and damages at cellular levels. In fact, free radicals are viewed as the main cause of cancer and cardiovascular problems. The mangosteen juice contains high level of antioxidants – one of them is the xanthones. If you want to prevent health problems and you want to improve your condition, consuming this juice is believed to help. Of course, such a finding is still preliminary as further studies are still needed but it doesn’t hurt if you can consider having a regular consumption of the juice.

Best Mangosteen Juice – Our Top Picks

You are probably thinking about consuming the juice on a daily basis, but the problem with the modern society is the fact that people are so caught up in their daily activities and schedules that they have limited time fixing up the healthy juices and whatsoever.

But no need to worry – we have the already processed juice. You no longer have to manually turn the mangosteen and extract the juice. If you can consume these products, you can also enjoy the same health benefits – and you don’t have to deal with the fuss. So, what are the products?

#1. Xango

As it was mentioned before, one of the healthy antioxidants of the mangosteen juice is the xanthones – responsible for the name of the product. This juice contains all of the health benefits of the healthy antioxidants, including flavonoids, catechins, and xanthones. They are good to improve the health of the intestines, joints, immune system, and also respiratory system. It is also good for your metabolism and also heart.

  • The juice isn’t only good to improve your health but also for helping the body experience natural detox process.
  • The case contains four bottles, which will improve effective consumption.
  • A bottle is 750 ml which should be enough for one day of consumption.

  • It is pretty expensive.
  • If you are expecting a pure juice, this may disappoint you because it has been mixed with other juices.

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#2. Genesis Today

If you are looking for a product that is claimed to have good health benefits, this one can be beneficial. With 32 oz, it should be enough for your consumption. Not only it supports your daily nutrient needs, the fast pasteurization will create a fresh taste.

  • The flavor is fresh and nice.
  • Some people do experience improvements after they have consumed the juice, especially with their arthritis issue.
  • It is good to address some of the skin issues as well.

  • It isn’t for everyone because the effects are different from one person to another. Whereas one person experiences improvement, the others don’t.

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#3. Dynamic Health

It is a certified product that is completely safe and fresh. If you are looking for a really reliable and safe mangosteen juice, you should try this one. It is able to boost your energy as well as improving your immune system. The antioxidants are super fresh and you can enjoy the greater outcome.

Buy from Amazon

  • It is certified so you can be sure about the quality.
  • The users experience improvements after several days of consumption.
  • The joint pain is immediately going away after several first bottles of consumption.

  • People with sensitive stomach will likely develop stomach distress and upset.

#4. Mangosteen 100

Those with joint pain and issue experience significant improvement after consuming this juice. It has pulpy quality that makes it somewhat natural and fresh. Some of the people claim that they no longer have to depend on painkiller or relief anymore, thanks to this juice.

  • You can feel the effect after several times of first consumption. In fact, you will experience your condition improves.
  • The freshness is just nice – a kick of energy after a tiring day.

  • Some people may find the taste to be odd but you will get used to it after a while.

If you are looking for an improved way to stay healthy, keep the pain at bay, and enjoy the overall great benefits, it doesn’t hurt to consume the juice. After all, with so many perks of mangosteen juice, why not consuming it on a daily basis?

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