Macaroon Vs. Macaron: Main Differences Between These Two Cookies

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Here we will compare the Macaroon vs. Macaron and reveal all the differences. Yes, these two cookies are more than just common and popular nowadays and it is believed that they are the same, but this simply isn’t the truth. As a matter of fact, they are completely different cookies.


This cookie comes from Macaroni, an Italian word and it is a French cookie. The main difference is in the base which is merinque. Then we have the main elements. They are almond flour, egg whites, and sugar. These cookies were originally invented in Italy, but they were brought to France. There, they were significantly upgraded and became even more popular than ever before.

Macaroon Vs. Macaron cake

They can come in a variety of colors and they are not very sweet. The crust is egg-based and looks highly appealing. The ideal filling is 2:1 and this is mandatory when it comes to making ideal cookies. You will get strong and easy to eat cookies.

Making these cookies isn’t a very simple task. As a matter of fact, it is a bit complicated to make a superb cookie of this kind. Keep in mind that you will enjoy them the most a few days after they are made. These cookies are not very affordable to make and the price will be higher than the second type we will mention here.


These cookies were made in France for the first time, but later they were brought to the United States. As such, their name originated from macaron word. The base is different as well and in this case, we can see coconut, grated in fact. Other ingredients include egg whites and powder sugar.

The accurate origin of the cookies is still unknown. However, most people believe that they were invented in the 1800s after the coconuts became popular imported goods. After that, they became common in all baker’s recipes.

The texture of these cookies is appealing in the lack of a better word and we can say unique as well. The next main thing is the sweetness of them. These are extremely sweet cookies that offer so many advantages. You can also have them covered with chocolate, with lemon-based or square ones. Regardless of which choice you make, these cookies will crumble and they are messy to eat.

The best time to eat them is as soon as they are made. When you freeze them, you will be able to eat them after 3 months. This is the longest period of time in which they can be consumed freely and without any issues.

When it comes to the price of making the cookies in question, these ones are generally more affordable. The difference isn’t significant, but it is a difference we must mention.

Macaroon Vs. Macaron – Conclusion

As you can see, the Macaroon vs. Macaron comparison is more than just simple. These two types of cookies are completely different and they have more differences than similarities. We can say that the only similarity is actually the name of them and their looks.

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