Lump Charcoal vs. Briquettes

Lump Charcoal vs. Briquettes

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The grilled foodstuff has completely changed the way of cooking from the past few years. The taste has influenced the world significantly.  Are you the one who loves to have charcoal grilled foodstuff as your meal? Then this article seems to be a bit beneficial for you as it entails all the essential details related to the lump charcoal vs. briquettes.

Lump Charcoal vs. Briquettes – Pros and Cons

Both the charcoal and briquette grille foodstuffs taste amazing, and it is hard to distinguish between the two. But here you will get to know about it in a straightforward and effective language that will uplift your passion for grilled foodstuffs.

Lump Charcoal

Lump charcoal is merely the residue left behind after the wood is completely burned in the absence of oxygen. They are the purest and natural form of wood. It gets light faster with amazing burning property leaving behind the ash. The ash content is very little compared to the ash content of briquettes. The lump charcoal helps the air vents that make the wood to expose more to the air. This is very beneficial if one needs to control the temperature easily and effectively.

Pros: Burns quickly or immediately, produce little amount of ash content, adjusts according to temperature, natural form and is very light.

Cons: The rate of burning is very fast, expensive and the consistency of it is very low.


These days, the briquette is mostly seen than the lump charcoal. This is because of its cheap rates and high reliability. They are highly beneficial when one wants to enjoy all the flavor and taste of fast food. The fast food is not only easy to make using the briquettes, but the taste is also incredible.

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The briquettes are the byproduct of wood flatter using some of the additives. They make the cooking light and efficient. The additives do not release off the chemical while you grill the foodstuff and also they do not smell like the charcoal. The steady temperature and pressure make the cooking more stable, and the process of cooking requires less time than the charcoal.

Pros: The duration of burning is longer than the charcoal; the temperature can be easily controlled, cheaper compared to the charcoals.

Cons: The production of ash content is very high compared to the charcoal, takes a longer duration to light, the additive used contain chemicals.

Bottom Line

From the above paragraph, it is clear why the briquettes are better than the lump charcoal. The briquettes have numerous advantages as compared to the lump charcoal. This makes it much more reliable and efficient than any other cooking form. If you want to execute the cooking process more easily and wish to cook the food quickly, then briquette will work best in this.

Most people used briquette than the lump charcoal when they came to know about the lump charcoal vs. briquette. Many restaurants use this briquette instead of lump charcoal because of the benefits mentioned above. You can enjoy with your old and new friend by inviting them on the barbeque party and shock them with quick and immediate barbeque.

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