How long do Mushrooms last in the Fridge?

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Mushroom contributes to an essential part of our diet because of its healthy constituents. It can be easily combined up with any sort of dish that makes it a versatile food item to eat. In fact, it’s even consumed raw in some parts of the world. However, times and again, the major problem that we face with mushroom is lack of durability.

how long do mushrooms last in fridge

So, How long do mushrooms last in the fridge?

As refrigerating is the only alternative after you pen its original packaging. If we look to a clear-cut answer, then the mushrooms can last only a week, and in most specific cases can go up to 2 weeks.

How to refrigerate the mushrooms for better usage?

The major thing that determines the lifespan of any product is the way you store it. However, with mushrooms, you need to be even more peculiar as they can’t be kept in any container and thrown in the fridge easily.

As soon as you open up the packaging of mushroom, just take out as much as you want to use, and keep the left ones, unwashed in a brown paper bag. Now, fold the top part of this bag and close it properly. Don’t crush it against another packets or containers in your fridge; keep it in the main compartment.

The dried-up paper bags will absorb any moisture that arises from the mushrooms. This will prevent your mushrooms from getting moldy or soggy over time, in the refrigerator. If you do not have paper bags as required, then make use of a dry paper towel to store them.

This will also absorb the moisture contents and help you to preserve the mushrooms in the fridge perfectly for a week or even more sometimes. Use this technique whether they are in their original packs or in perforated plastic ones, to allow the air to flow properly.

How to detect whether they can be still used or not?

Now you might be already aware of how long do mushrooms last in the fridge. But, it is doesn’t always happen in every case. If you haven’t kept the mushrooms properly in the fridge, they can get rancid over there too. So, how does one detect whether he/she can use mushrooms after the preservation period? Well, here are some things to focus on!

  • Slimy – If your mushrooms appear to be slimy before or after preservation, then don’t ever use them. These come as a sign of stale mushrooms which can be as a result of wrong packaging.
  • Dark spots or color – If the color of your mushroom changes or you witness dark spots, then don’t consume them at any cost.
  • Wrinkled ones – This is the most obvious sign, as your fresh mushrooms look stretched and not wrinkled. If it is too dry and wrinkly then avoid eating it.
  • Odor – An awful smell from your mushrooms can determine whether they are suitable for consumption or not.

Thus, keep these things in mind and maintain the shelf life of your mushrooms to last longer.

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