Is There a Lemon Juice Substitute?

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Lemon Juice Substitute – Lemon juice is used in many dishes as well as drinks, right from salad dressings to detox mocktails. For those who have decided to give alcohol and aerated drinks, a glass of lemon juice with some mint and ice is ideal. The same juice is ideal as a drink during a scorching summer afternoon.

Pressing a lemon over a dish of lentil or corn stew is perhaps the most effective way to overcome the heat. With so many uses of lemon juice, it is possible for anyone to look for a lemon juice substitute.

lemon juice substitute

Frankly, you may ponder as to why one would search for such a substitute. Well, the fact is that a cook can face an unexpected shortage of this juice or even lemons. So, there may not be an adequate quantity of this juice or lemons. This is where the cook shall look for a feasible alternative to lemon juice.

Lemon Juice Substitute – 3 Good Alternatives

Another reason can be the area in which you are living. There are some areas where citrus fruits are not so widely available. This is when one needs to go for some equivalent alternatives. So, here are some of the lemon juice alternatives for you to try during culinary challenges or for resolving allergy issues.

#1. Vinegar

This could be a good alternative to lemon juice, as both have a high acid level. There are a few recipes where this acidity level is more important to have than the preferred sour taste. For example, you can vinegar instead of lemon juice for salad dressings and sauces.

However, it should be kept in mind that the acidity level is quite high in vinegar. So, you need to care about the quantity while adding it to a recipe.

For example, it is wise to reduce the quantity of vinegar a bit while using it for substituting lemon juice. Ideally, vinegar should be half of the lemon juice to be added to the recipe.

#2. Lime Juice

This is perhaps the widely used substitute. It is the most convenient option when there are fresh limes in your kitchen. Unlike vinegar, lime juice does not have high acidic content. Thus, it suffices to use an equal amount of lime juice instead of the recommended quantity of lemon juice.

However, it should be kept in mind that the juice of lime is a bit more acidic as well as milder in flavor than lemon juice. Thus, it is fine to have some flavor difference regardless of the recipe you are making.

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What more you need to remember is that lime juice is sweet, unlike lemon juice. So, do bring down the quantity of sugar if you are adding it to your recipe along with the lime juice.

#3. Powdered Zest

This freebie option is ideal for the baking purpose. A powdered lemon zest or simply the zest that is the lemon peel’s external layer has a pungent aroma. Consider it for making apple pies.


It is essential for you to know the role of lemon juice in your recipe. Based on this knowledge, you can easily find a proper lemon juice substitute.

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