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Keurig Troubleshooting: Most Common Problems and Their Fixes

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Keurig Troubleshooting – Step-by-Step Guide to solving Keurig Coffee Makers Common Problems

A few years ago, we had only a few options to choose from when purchasing a coffee maker. But over time and with advancement in technology more advanced and easy to use, coffee makers have been produced.

The coffee maker you will choose in the market will for sure serve the intended purpose but just like any other machine proper care and maintenance is of great importance which has been made easier by the existence of troubleshooting platform; Keurig is one of the coffee makers in which you can solve its problems through troubleshooting.

If you choose Keurig coffee maker, it will brew good quality of coffee for you which makes your day. This brand is the most trustworthy brand in this field and when you get some sort of trouble in these appliances, then without wasting time you can contact the Keurig troubleshooting. This brand is the finest one in the field of coffee makers across the world.

The Keurig coffee makers are available in a variety of ranges; those ranges are as follows- B60 gourmet single serve, Keurig B-31 mini plus brewer, and many more, which are popular in the domestic places.

Keurig coffee maker Problems – Keurig troubleshooting

If you are going to buy these coffee makers, then they will give you the feedback about these appliances. But if you are going to buy Keurig coffee maker then you have to face some troubles during the very first instances of trial. Some of the problems include the machine not brewing the coffee properly, not drawing the water properly and many more. There could be much more problems which you may face while trying to run this coffee maker.

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You will be considered to be the lucky person if you will not face the pesky problem with this coffee maker but that should not be a cause of alarm we are going to discuss various issues and the way to solve them through troubleshooting while dealing with Keurig coffee among other brands.

The importance of this article is that it will teach you how to troubleshoot because many manufacturers will not tell you how it’s done. Sometimes it is considered to be the best practice when you solve your issues. But for such technical self-service devices, you need to get detailed information on how to go about it.

Now, we are going to discuss the troubles which come along with these coffee makers and solutions which will help you in getting rid of them in no time.

#1. Not working properly

The most common trouble which is found in these coffee makers is- they are not working properly or sometimes, suddenly they stop working. If you are going through the internet, you find that this is the most common problem which is faced by almost every customer who purchases one. Online reviews confirm the same.

However, you should not worry about this problem, as we are going to tell you how to fix such problems with Keurig troubleshooting? The first thing which you need to identify is that what is the main reason behind this trouble? This is the main thing you need to do before fixing the problem.

According to the manufacturer, the quality of water used in these coffee makers will create such issues with these appliances. For instance, if you are using the water from the well which is already rich in different natural minerals like iron, sulfur, calcium and many more, these minerals will definitely affect the machine.

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These machines are made to work on fine and thin water. But in another view, if the customer will not face any issue with these makers then they will become more careless in choosing the quality of the water to use.


  • One should run their machines with water multiple times to avoid the blockage.
  • Flush your machine several times with fresh water or de-scale it, with the use of vinegar mixed water.
  • Blow air in their pipes with the help of straw which helps you to clean up the blockage of the maker.
  • Clean such machines with the dispensing things like paper clips or simply remove all the leftovers of the maker.

#2. Not brewing properly

The other most common issue, customers will face with these machines is- the machine not brewing properly. Keurig machine not brewing properly will be as a result of depositing debris in the machine.

There are some other reasons, which may be behind it, this includes;

  1. Components of the machine are not set properly.
  2. Warm up time is not set properly.
  3. Create air bubbles at the time of brewing the coffee.


  • Properly clear the debris deposit section time to time.
  • To avoid plenty of bubble creation time to time unplugged the machine and sometimes shake your machine gently to avoid such things.
  • Give proper time for the warm up while brewing the coffee.
  • Check all the components and their settings properly.

#3. Not dispensing

Another common issue is the clogging in the machine. Inability to dispense water properly is also recognized as a problem in the section of troubleshooting Keurig coffee makers. Most of the customers had written about this problem.


  • Try to run Luke warm water through the machine to unclog it. If still, this will not work properly, then use needles to clean it properly.
  • Properly dry up the maker, using the paper clips is the best choice.

#4. Water is not coming out properly

The required water is not coming from the maker in the exact amount. This one is another common issue faced by the customer.

If the brewing section is blogged then either, it will throw the excessive amount of water or some time will not supply a single drop of water. It will cause the brewing issue in the Keurig, coffee maker. But we are here to tell you the solution for this issue too.


  • Try to brew mechanism with the help of fresh water.
  • Reset or de-scale the clogged section or use sharp needles to clean them properly.

#5. Heating issues

Sometimes, you are wondering that Keurig is not heating the solution up to the mark. To do the Keurig troubleshooting, you have to reset the machine and recheck all the malfunctions.

There are many reasons behind it, but some of them are quite common. Improper water supply is the familiar problem to all of their customers, and everyone is writing about these issues to them. If you diagnose this trouble, then you see that the heating mechanism which is used in this machine is not up to the mark.

The related troubles with the heating are- Either the water pump is not working properly, or they are out of order. Water does not reach them, to cool them at the time of need, which causes overheating. The limited efficiency of the water pumps and the dry coffee causes the clogging in the machine as well.


  • Clean the dirt and debris or collected coffee properly.
  • Press tightly or hold that button for some time, so that it can start working properly.
  • Proper repairing of the water pumps.

#6. Keurig doesn’t turn on or shut off

Sometimes you may encounter the problem of excessive air bubble made by the machine. Which creates an issue of clogging the machine or some time it can blog the sections.


  •  Turn off the machine properly or plugged it rightly.

#7. Bad taste of coffee

If you noticed that your coffee is having a bad taste then that implies something is wrong with your coffee maker. To resolve such troubles you have to go through the Keurig troubleshooting part.


  • Clean your coffee maker in a right manner or repeat this process after every 4 to 5 weeks.
  • Use only thin water to make your coffee.
  • Sometimes you can prefer some homemade remedy like cleaning with vinegar.

#8. Not reset easily

Resetting the Keurig coffee maker may annoy you at some point. It’s mostly caused by malfunctions or clogging. In such situations, maybe you can go for replacement or repairing, but instead, Keurig troubleshooting tips will help you perfectly.


  • Unplug your machine for few minutes and allow it to cool down perfectly.
  • After getting proper cooling, you can restart and make another try to brew your coffee.
  • Remove the water storage section of the machine or check it thoroughly.

Apart from those major and common troubles of Keurig coffee maker machine it has some other issues too; they are like- At the time of starting it will show a “Prime” error, not turning on instantly and many more other troubles are attached with it.

In the above content, we give you the brief details on common issues which customer can face, along with some Keurig troubleshooting tips too.

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