Keurig K425 Vs. K475: Pros and Cons of Both Models

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Keurig K425 vs. K475 – You will need the best coffee machine if you want delicious coffee every single day. Here we have two popular models, K425 and K475, both made by one of the best brands in the business, Keurig.

Keurig K425 Vs. K475 Comparison

Keurig K425 vs. K475 must be compared in order to help you realize which model is more suitable for you. At the first sight, they look the same, but they are far from that.

Keurig K425 Brewing System

The design here is the main advantage of the unit in question. It is modern, looks appealing and makes you want it so bad. However, it isn’t different than in the other case scenario. As a matter of fact, both models have the same size and the same weight. They are also available in the same color versions, red, black and platinum. But, the K425 isn’t very resistant to scratches, so eventually, you will notice one or two on the surface.

coffee maker Keurig K425 Vs. K475

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K425 is a very popular model, but the main strength is in the value for money. For less money than you would have to invest in K475, you get similar features. Both models can prepare hot chocolate, coffee, tea and other beverages for you instantly. The end result is phenomenal and you are going to appreciate the fact you chose one of these two models.

The touchscreen is available on both models as well. It makes configuration and the navigation much easier. Installation is simple as well, so you won’t have to read the user manual. On the other hand, if you must contact the support, you will want to know that they are great and they will help you immediately.

The main reason why K425 is second-best here is in the glitches which may appear. Keurig stated that they have corrected the main problems, but some glitches may appear still. This is something you must know and this is the main reason why this unit is more affordable than the main rival, we will describe right now.

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Keurig K475 Single Serve Coffee Maker

The K475 is a more advanced model. Yes, it comes with the same design, it is available in the same colors and it has the same weight, but there are some differences.

The first unit here has only strength control feature, but the K475 is more sophisticated, so it comes with advanced settings and adjustment processes all in order to give you an excellent beverage every single time. The touchscreen is present as well, but it is slightly more reliable here. The same goes for the surface, which is more resistant to the scratches.

Keurig K425 Vs. K475 coffee maker

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You probably recall that the first model here is known for glitches and bugs which may appear at any given moment. But, here there are no any complications. The unit in question is perfectly reliable and it comes with all the advantages one Keurig model should have. Simply said, it is reliable and that’s it.

The water reservoir is 70 ounces and it is identical among both models. This is a mutual advantage due to the fact a bigger water reservoir means that you will have to refill it less frequently. Indicator lights, automatic shutdown feature and the fact brewing in different cup sizes is possible are also mutual advantages of both units here.

One difference is in the temperature and strength indicators which are present here, but not with the K425. They are mandatory if you are a coffee addict and you are looking for the best cup of coffee every single time. Add the fact the overall quality is slightly better and you will get a better coffee machine. Of course, the prices are not the same, so K475 is a more expensive model, obviously.

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Keurig K425 vs. K475  – Conclusion

In the Keurig K425 vs. K475 comparison, we can clearly see that there are plenty of differences between these two models. The K425 is more affordable and therefore it is rated lower than the other model. But, as a value for money, it is great and it already has a lot of satisfied users. The K475 is a more expensive and a more professional model which comes with better quality, a few features more and with higher, overall rating. In a nutshell, you pay more, but you get more as well.

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