How to Keep Bananas Fresh Longer

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Do you know how to keep bananas fresh longer and slow down ripening? If you don’t and are curious about it, watch the video above.

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Question, how do you keep bananas from turning brown? What's the best way to store bananas long term? Now check this out, these bananas were purchased from the same grocery store on the very same day next to each other on the shelf. Both sets of bananas are over ten days old except we stored this banana in a special way. And we're going to share with you on this video.

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Okay through the magic of video editing let's have a time-lapse look at our experiment on how to keep bananas from turning brown. You will notice a couple of blue pods in the container and I'll explain to you what those are coming up.


Day five and six is when we really start to notice the significant difference now keep in mind that these bananas were sitting on my kitchen counter with an average ambient temperature of about 73 degrees. Now by the time we got to day eight, I noticed that the bananas that were not in the container were significantly softer than the ones that were in the container.

So at that point, I decided to put those bananas in the refrigerator. Putting the bananas in the refrigerator after they ripen on the kitchen counter allows the inside of the banana the parts you eat to slow down it's ripening. The outside will continue to ripen and it'll get quite dark.

After about ten days the bananas that were in the refrigerator were soft so we decided to make banana bread. Now you will be able to see that on day 12 we still have a little bit of green on our bananas. Best way to peel a banana is from the bottom up to the stem not from the top down. That eliminates those little streams whatever they're called. If anybody knows what they're called please let us know in the comment section.

Ripen Process

Okay, let's check out day 15 you'll notice there's still some green on the bananas. When we cut it open you'll notice a little bit of bruising on the bottom but that's the weight of the bananas causing the bruising in the container. But as you can see these bananas are still quite edible.

In our quest to find out how to keep bananas from turning brown we discovered that most bananas sold in the United States come from places like Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua or other places in Central and South America.


Bananas are shipped to the United States on ships in cargo containers. The banana distributor has some elaborate systems in place to control ethylene gas. Because they know if you can control ethylene gas you can control when the banana ripens. And I thought hey if we can control ethylene gas maybe we can extend the lives of our bananas.

And that's when we discovered this dude. The product that you see on your screen. The blue Apple ethylene absorption system will put an affiliate link in the video description so that you can get your own blue apple from Amazon if you like.

And remember whenever you use an Amazon affiliate link Amazon gives us a little commission. That helps us make more videos thanks guys well there you go folks. Now you know how to store bananas long term so you can save some money.

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