Kamikoto Knives Review – What Hides Behind Their Popularity

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Kamikoto Knives Review – The high-end Japanese knives represent a must in every chef’s kitchen. Whether you’re an aspiring chef cooking for the family or you’re actually a professional, these knives become an innovative addition to any kitchen.

When it comes to Kamikoto knives, most people are unsure whether they’re about to make a good decision or not. There are no doubts about it – a quality set will support your cooking sessions for many years. But then, there are multiple factors you have to take into consideration. At this point, it’s imperative to do your homework and conduct some research upfront. So, what should you know about this premium set?

Discovering Kamikoto Knives

Are these knives worth the price? Do they make a good addition to your kitchen? Answers can vary based on several factors, such as your expectations, preferences and available budget. No one can deny the high-quality standards of these knives though.

kamikoto knives review

In terms of functionality, differences between Kamikoto and other brands are not so obvious. If you were a professional, you could tell the difference right away – balance, stability, design, edge retention and durability. If you’re new to cooking, it’s hard to tell.

The knives are based on Japanese steel. They also respect the Japanese quality standards. However, they’re made in China. While some people might be put off by the country of origin, the truth is they are designed by actual artisans with experience in this field. In fact, you might find less durable and efficient knives manufactured in Japan. In other words, the country of origin has nothing to do with the quality, despite particular misconceptions.

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The set includes three knives – a 7-inch cleaver knife, an 8.5-inch slicing knife and a 5-inch utility knife. Whether you want to impress your guests or just take your cooking experience to a new level, this set can work wonders. But why?

The Steel

As a general rule of thumb, hard steel underlines quality and durability. The harder it is, the longer the edge retention becomes. Most professional knives score in the 60 range. At the same time, a high rating is often associated with thin and flexible knives. Heavier and larger knives might be sturdier, but they’re more exposed to chipping.

Kamikoto knives score 55 in steel hardness. It’s not the highest score on the market, but not too low either. They obviously require sharpening every once in a while. Plus, a good maintenance is a must. Hand wash each knife and dry it before storage.

The Details

In terms of small details, these knives will pleasantly surprise you. Each unit is precision balanced prior to being packaged. They’re usually heavier than other high-end products, but you can’t tell. Blades are slender, so the weight is properly distributed to prevent fatigue and numbness. You can use a knife for hours without feeling any discomfort.

The steel is treated at 1,050 degrees Celsius before being annealed at 200 degrees Celsius. It’s a tedious procedure that aims to straighten the blade and improve edge retention.

The Handle

All three Kamikoto knives are fitted with G10 handles. G10 is known for its exquisite durability. Furthermore, the material is anti-slippery, so you can safely handle the knives with wet or sweaty hands too. You won’t have to hold them tighter or put more pressure. The material is also resistant to mold, dampness, corrosion or rust.

The handle is directly responsible for the comfort, as it has an ergonomic build. It’s wider at the top to maintain efficiency. The half bolster design makes sharpening a breeze. Unlike the full bolster construction, you can actually slide the sharpener over the entire surface of the edge. It’s a simple operation that anyone can do. However, you’ll have to buy the sharpener separately, as it’s not included in the package.

#1. Kamikoto 8.5″ Slicing Knife Review

Built to slice without a problem, the slicing knife is obviously sharp and precise. It can make fish skinning a pleasure, even for the least experienced chefs. While such operations still require attention, you no longer have to leave plenty of flesh on the skin. Plus, the final result will look smooth and even. With 8.5 inches in length, it’s more than enough for slicing anything.

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The fish is only the big test for such a knife, yet it can be successfully used with any kind of meat. You can easily slice a rib or a roast. The blade will literally glide throughout the cut.

#2. Kamikoto 7” Meat Cleaver Knife Review

The meat cleaver knife can be used for a wide variety of operations. You can just as well chop some vegetables and even slice your meat. The length is optimal for such procedures, while the weight adds to its balance.

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The unit is perfectly balanced. The weight is evenly distributed from the point where the blade meets the handle. There is no pressure forced in one direction or another. Furthermore, being heavy also reduces the pushing power. The blade is straight, so you can’t use it for curving movements, such as mincing or chopping.

#3. Kamikoto 5″ Utility Knife Review

The utility knife comes with the standard 5 inch length. It’s suitable for pretty much any operation, so it’s likely to become your best friend. This model is versatile and can be used to chop, dice, slice, mince – you name it, it can do it.

It’s slightly rounded, hence its multiple uses. The blade is thin but still sharp. Blade retention will never be a problem. However, given its slender profile, it shouldn’t be used for hard ingredients. As for maintenance, just like the other Kamikoto knives, it should be hand washed and dried before storage.


Bottom line, Kamikoto knives can and will make a statement. They will make a statement whenever your guests will see them, but they will also push your cooking experience to a more professional level. They’re considered to be high end knives. From this point of view, protect your investment with proper maintenance.

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