Jura Impressa C60 Review: Is This Coffee Machine Reliable Enough?

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Jura Impressa C60 Review – More than 80% of the world population likes drinking coffee. Some of them are people who crave for the best cup of coffee every single day. Of course, the matter can’t be completely generalized, but this simply means that they will need an espresso machine of the superb capabilities. Is the Jura Impressa c60 the one to look for? Let’s get the answer to the question.

Features of Jura Impressa c60

The features of a product are the most important factors we should consider before buying it, no exception to a coffee or espresso machine. So, let’s take a look at some features of this product.

jura impressa c60 review

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Easy to use

The first thing we want to mention when it comes to Jura Impressa c60 is the fact using it is extremely simple. You basically have a switch which will be used for any purpose or better said for any type of coffee you will want at that particular moment. Overall, this is one of the simplest espresso machines to use. It is definitely the best option for newbies and for those who want simplicity.

15 bars of pressure

You must know that a great espresso machine much provide plenty of pressure when used. This makes a difference between a great-tasting cup of coffee and an ordinary one. The tested model comes with a 15-bar pressure pump of the highest quality. It makes it a very desirable model for all individuals who like having a perfect cup of coffee daily.

Made of stainless steel and ABS plastics

The, two main materials used for making this espresso machine are stainless steel and ABS plastics. This means that the unit looks impressive and it is very durable. The machine can even be used for commercial applications thanks to the choice of materials.

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Adjustable spout

The spout is fully adjustable and it can be paired with cups of any size. This allows for all users to use their favorite cup or mug when drinking delicious coffee. We should add that adjustable spouts are mandatory features at the moment and all espresso machines should have them. Luckily the Jura Impressa c60 uses simple and reliable adjustment system.

Fine foam technology

We saved the best for the end. The fine foam technology refers to the milk foam the machine can produce. It is one of a kind foam and it is known as the smoothest of them all. It is creamy as well and in a nutshell, it makes coffee so much better. In addition, it also makes a cup of coffee looks better.


  • Extremely easy to use.
  • 15 bar of pressure.
  • Adjustable spout.
  • Fine foam technology.
  • Well-made.
  • Looks great.


  • Bean storage.
  • Complicated user manual.

Jura Impressa C60 Review – Conclusion

The Jura Impressa c60 is an excellent espresso machine of the latest generation. It is probably one of the best models you can buy and it is suitable for beginners, for home-related applications and even for commercial applications. All we can say is that it is one of the best models we encountered and we want to recommend it for all of you. If the price tag isn’t an issue for you, then this espresso machine is a just a perfect choice.

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