Italian Pizza Vs. American Pizza: What’s the Difference?

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Italian Pizza Vs. American Pizza – It is a fact that most of us love pizzas. The Americans simply love the viscous, cheesy mix. However, despite its popularity, most of us are unaware of what a genuine pizza (Italian) is like. This is because we feel that the best pizza is the one that has more cheese in the crust. Well, this is subjective.

italian pizza vs. american pizza

Originated in Italy but advanced in the U.S., pizzas have an interesting history to share. The real difference between Italian pizza Vs. American pizza becomes evident if you have eaten an authentic pizza in Italy and its American version in the U.S.

Being inspired by the authentic Italian pizzas, the American version is a custom one and is an astute contrast to the former. So, elaborating the same, here are the major differences.

Difference in Toppings

A pure American version has too many toppings, such as olives, pineapple, pork, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and ham. All of these toppings are almost available as options to be sprinkled on knolls of mozzarella cheese.

On the other hand, a genuine Italian pizza has relatively less cheese as well as topping options. While fish is a staple, the scanty toppings feature an herby flavor. Usually, this pizza has a thin sauce layer with big pieces of fresh Mozzarella along with spices, olive oil, fresh basil.

Difference in Sauce

The presence of sauce is a major factor distinguishing Italian pizza vs American pizza. In America, the pizza sauce is perhaps red. The pure custom version in the country usually contains a tomato sauce that is made quite slowly. Further, each chef makes its own distinct taste by adding different mixes of spices in the sauce.

On the other hand, an Italian pizza is full of olive oil and herbs. There is hardly any tomato sauce in or on the crust. Rather, this pizza has olive oil, garlic, oregano, and crushed tomatoes.

Difference in Crust

The crust is another significant factor distinguishing Italian pizza vs American pizza. In case of the American pizzas, the crust is available in different varieties and thicknesses, right from a thin to doughy versions filled with cheeses or meats.

In the case of Italian pizzas, the crust is thin and approximately crispy. Rather than being infused with pepperoni or cheese, it has spices and fresh herbs such as pepper and oregano.

Italian Pizza Vs. American Pizza – Conclusion

If you are an American visiting Italy, you are likely to be amazed at what you get as a pizza. This is because an original or authentic Italian pizza has a distinct look and flavor.

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