Instant Pot Duo Vs. Lux Programmable Pressure Cooker Comparison

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Instant Pot Duo vs. Lux pressure cooker is a serious battle. Both of these machines (IP-DUO60 and IP-LUX60) are capable of providing impressive results and both of them are great to use, but there are some massive differences. For example, one of them offers more purposes, while other has one less.

Instant Pot Duo vs. Lux: IP-DUO60 vs. IP-LUX60

Instant Pot IP-Lux60

This programmable pressure cooker is definitely an appealing choice. Many users are more than just satisfied with it and it is known that Lux is great for offering a variety of performances. This is 6 in 1 model, so you can use it for 6 different purposes. At the same time, this is the main difference between these two models.

Instant Pot Duo Vs. Lux - ip-lux60

When it comes to the settings, we can see one massive difference. Lux model is capable of providing the only high-pressure setting, which is usually sufficient, but not ideal. The second main difference is in the fact this model cannot make yogurt.

It isn’t designed for that and it won’t be a great choice if you are planning to use it for this or similar purposes. The keep warm feature is available as well, but it is different than in the second case scenario. You can set it up only up to 10 hours, which is still a decent period of time.

But, this programmable pressure cooker is wallet-friendly as it is known to be as one of the most affordable models on the market and it is known to offer great performances at a low price. On the other hand, all main features and advanced systems are implemented into the unit, so you are going to appreciate it a lot.

In addition, the small and compact space is more than just desirable for small kitchens where space may be an issue. We should add that the design is modern and different than other units have to offer.

Instant Pot IP-Duo60

In the Instant Pot Duo vs. Lux pressure cooker battle, Duo version comes with impressive advantages. First of all, it is 7 in 1 model, so we can see one massive advantage straightaway. If you are looking for the most practical and the most convenient pressure cooker, this pressure cooker is the one to consider. After all, it can be used for 7 different purposes at any given moment.

Instant Pot Duo Vs. Lux - ip-duo60

What we liked a lot is the ability to adjust the pressure. You can choose between low or high and the unit will do the rest all by itself. Then we have the ability which allows you to make yogurt easily and without investing a lot of time.

The timer feature is obviously supported, but in this case, it is better than usual. The maximum duration of the timer is 99 hours and 50 minutes, while the first model here has only 10 hours duration. It is certainly a great fact to consider and it is an advantage.

The control panel is one of the best we have seen. It is easy to use and it offers a lot of advantages. Keep in mind that this pressure cooker is the best model from 2015, so it isn’t a coincidence it offers a lot of advantages compared to other models.

The next thing we must explain is the price. While the IP-Lux60 pressure cooker was affordable and perfect for people who are looking for a cheap alternative, this one isn’t. It is made to last and it is made to offer the best results. Therefore, the price is higher than usual. Of course, you get a lot for your money, including the state of the art design, all the features you are going to need and etc.

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Instant Pot Duo vs. Lux – Conclusion

So Instant Pot Duo vs. Lux (Duo60 vs. Lux60) programmable pressure cooker comparison isn’t as simple as you would expect. In the end, all we can say is that Lux model is preferable to buy for users who are looking for the affordable and simple pressure cooker to use on a daily basis. It offers essential and basic features but nothing more.

When it comes to the quality, yes, you get an above the average equality. On the other hand, we have Duo model, which offers more features and which is more expensive. So, it is up to you to choose the one you want.

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