how to keep donuts fresh

How to Keep Donuts Fresh Overnight

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How to Keep Donuts fresh – Fresh donuts are yummy especially when they come right from the oven to your table.

Sometimes you are left with leftover doughnuts. So, how do you keep donuts fresh? You should know the answer so that you can still enjoy them when fresh.  Keeping them fresh is very easy, and the good news is no need to make additional space in the refrigerator.

How to keep donuts fresh

The pastry chef of Tampa, Florida, Jen Greif has recommended not to do so. He suggested the best way is to wrap the donuts in the napkin, store it in a bag. Bread or croissants should be immediately placed in a fridge if you are going to eat next day, but donuts need not be frozen.

Most of the people keep them in the refrigerator, and all the icing over it freezes thus spoiling the taste. You will not get the taste similar to that of fresh ones.

  • Wrap each one in aluminum foil separately.
  • Keep in fridge for five days.
  • Wrap wax paper on the glazed donuts with frosting, keep in a tight container and place in refrigerator.
  • Before serving put them in the microwave for few seconds to serve them hot and fresh.

Your homemade donuts or one that you bought from the bakery can stay fresh for as long as six months. The only thing is to follow the right procedure. There is also a way out to eat the stale donuts. Put them in a microwave to soften the stale ones. Or do it the industry style where they reheat them at the interval of 15 seconds.

The industry way to heat them in a microwave will not give the same glaze, but it is the good way to increase the life of your donuts. Another way is to make French toast from them if you don’t want to eat the stale ones. But if you follow the words of Jen Grief then you don’t have to eat the stale ones as they will be still in good condition.

What to do before serving

Serving them fresh is as important as storing them properly. They should taste like they are freshly made or bought from a bakery. Do this before serving to your guests:

  • Unwrap the donuts that you kept in a fridge. Don’t unwrap all of them unwrap only the ones to be served.
  • Wrap them in a sandwich bag, keep them at room temperature.
  • Wait for one hour, microwave them.
  • Microwave them separately, one at a time.
  • Take them out and decorate them with some icing sugar before serving.

When you serve them to your guests, they will look not only fresh but also taste good. So, it’s easy to enjoy your leftover donuts in few more days. Now you know how to keep donuts fresh. Even so, it’s better for you not to buy or make donuts in large quantities at one time.

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