how to tell if salmon is bad

How to Tell if Salmon is Bad

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You know it very well that salmon is a first-class source of protein as well as it is rich in omega 3 fatty acid. Eating it can benefit you a lot; however, if you eat spoiled salmon then it can harm you and make you sick. But how to tell if salmon is bad?

Whenever you serve salmon, it is necessary for you to check and examine that whether it is spoiled or fresh. No matter it is cooked, smoked, canned, or raw salmon all of the types expire after some time Given below are some points that will tell you that your salmon is fresh or spoiled.

Salmon smells fishy when expired

Salmon is the type of fish and to know it is edible or fresh; you should check its smell. If it smells unpleasant or tastes sour, then you can be sure that it is bad or spoiled. A fresh salmon has a mild aroma similar to sea. Even a canned salmon smells mild or neutral. Smoked salmon has a smoky or pleasant aroma. A salmon, which have off smell, is expired and can cause harm to your health.

Signs of slimy residue or mold

Examine the salmon carefully; if it has slimy residue or mold on its outside surface, then you can be sure that it is spoiled or expired. A fresh salmon appears pinkish. Sticky residue or Milky white residue on the outer surface of raw salmon mostly around the gills is spoilage sign. When you press the salmon with your fingers, it should feel solid as well as spring back. If your salmon is left with depression on pressing with fingers, then it is spoiled.

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How to tell if salmon is bad

I hope you got the answer to your question. Now to avoid spoilage of your salmon you can keep it in the refrigerator. Keeping in the refrigerator will prevent the bacteria from growing over it. If you keep the smoked, canned, or cooked salmon in a fridge, you can prevent it from spoilage for nearly six days. Keep it at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You can store and prevent the salmon from spoilage if you wrap it in aluminum foil or plastic and keep under 0 degrees.

If you keep the salmon between 40-140 degree, then it will develop bacteria and get spoiled. Avoid eating spoiled salmon as it can risk your health. Make sure whenever you buy the salmon from the market you check its expiry date. Also see the packaging of the salmon, if not packed properly avoid buying it.

Do not think cooking can kill the bacteria present on your salmon. Besides, even if the salmon is edible you should cook it at least at 140 degrees then only it will kill the microorganism.

Eating salmon have various health benefits, however, before, eating something you must go through it to know it is spoiled or fresh. Fresh food item only benefits the health, and a bad one can have an adverse impact on you thus, avoid eating it.

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