Similarities And Differences: Home Chef Vs. Blue Apron

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Home Chef vs. Blue Apron comparison is more than just popular at this moment. Both of these companies have well-developed plans and both of them are very popular.

Home Chef vs. Blue Apron

Of course, there are some differences between home chef vs. blue apron. Precisely what will be our main mission.

Plans and dishes you can get

You may know that Home Chef offers 2, 4 or 6 people plans. The minimum order per week is 2 dishes, while there is no upper limit. The situation is slightly different when it comes to Blue Apron. They have a standard plan which is designed for 2-3 people and it includes 3 dishes.

home chef vs. blue apron

The family plan is made for 4 people and it comes with 4 dishes per week. Dishes are versatile in Home Chef offer. You can choose between 12 different dishes and additional 3 5-minute meals. They don’t require cooking and they can be prepared in the specified amount of time.

Blue Apron offers you 8 different dishes if you choose the 2-people plan or 4 dishes if you choose a family plan. When it comes to versatility, both companies offer plenty of different meals including all kinds of meat, fruits, and vegetables.

Quality of the recipes and ingredients

Perhaps it sounds strange, but we want to reveal the complexity of the recipes, both companies offer. Home Chef offers well-known and popular recipes which are considered to be traditional at this moment. However, they have a twist at the end, so they look a bit specific and different, compared to traditional recipes you may have encountered by now.

Blue Apron is similar. But, they offer simpler recipes which are extremely easy to follow, so beginners won’t have any issues. Both recipes are delicious and they are versatile, although Blue Apron is slightly better in this case scenario.

blue apron vs. hello fresh

The quality of the ingredients is at the highest level possible. You will get only the best ingredients obtained from the best companies and you will enjoy them. Home Chef is a safe choice, knowing that they cooperate with some of the largest and the top-rated companies of this kind in the United States.

Blue Apron offers high-quality ingredients as well. They offer you meats which haven’t been messed by third parties and they come without hormones, artificial chemicals or etc.


Packaging is performed in custom-made boxes which are well-organized and protected at all times. Of course, there are some differences. Home Chef offers you the ability to get all the ingredients labeled and organized, which makes things a bit easier.

Blue Apron doesn’t sort out the ingredients so all of them are packaged in a single box. It is a bit more complicated process to organize the ingredients but it is far from a complicated one.

Apps and websites

Both companies have apps and websites which are used to order and manage the subscriptions. There is one major difference though.

Home Chef allows for you to deactivate the account within the websites, while you must call Blue Apron or send the email to the customer support if you want to cancel the account. A nice addition is the fact you can get the answer on the same day.


The optional extras you can get started with Home Chef. You can get a 5-minute meal which includes a sandwich and a salad and which will cost you $7.99. You can also choose between a fruit basket and a smoothie which costs $4.95, regardless of the fact which option you choose.

In addition, they have a long list of kitchen appliances and items which are available with coupons on a discount and etc. Blue Apron is more focused on wines when it comes to optional extras. You can get 6 bottles of wine for $65.99.

They offer some of the best wines in the business and they will match your every need.


If you have read our Home Chef vs. Blue Apron comparison, you won’t be surprised that the winner is Home Chef. Yes, the differences are small, but they are still slightly better in offering these services. On the other hand, they are slightly more expensive and they don’t have wines in their offer, so you will have to get them additionally.

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