7 High Protein Fruits To Build Muscle

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High Protein Fruits – We all know that we need to eat protein. Some people know why: your body needs protein to build and repair tissue. Bodybuilders, for example, need a lot of protein to build muscle, and that is why there are so many protein powders out there to be ingested after a workout. For people who are not bodybuilders, they usually take in protein by eating meats like steak, chicken, etc.

However, if you are not a vegetarian, have you ever wondered how vegetarians get their protein?  Of course, vegetarians have protein supplements, but not a lot of people realize that fruits have a good amount of protein in them. Here are seven noteworthy protein-containing fruits.

Some High Protein Fruits

high protein fruits

1. Coconut

First and foremost, everyone has probably tried coconut at some point in his or her life. Some people may not like it as it has a particular taste – a sweet, nutty milkiness to it. Some people may, of course, like it. The benefits it has in terms of protein come from the coconut kernel, where 100 grams of it yield three grams of protein. That is a lot of protein!

2. Avocado

Avocado is also another fruit that yields a lot of protein to consumers. It has a taste that many would not find disagreeable. I myself love pairing avocado with meats, such as chicken, but, if you are a vegetarian, avocado could also be paired with condensed milk and greens as well.

Avocado has a firm creaminess to its texture, and that is probably why it pairs so well with other foods. Who would have guessed that this fruit would also have so many benefits in terms of protein consumption?

3. Strawberries

Everyone has certainly tried strawberries, but not many people may know that strawberries have a high-protein content as well. The sourness counterbalances the sweetness in every strawberry, so that dichotomy does throw some people off, but, in addition to the high-protein content, strawberries also have a lot of minerals and vitamins to every bite.

They also do not have that many calories and fats, so non-vegetarians may like it as a diet as well. Avocado, for example, as mentioned, has a high protein content, but avocado’s calorie content is about 10000% higher than that of a strawberry. Even though the avocado is obviously a much a larger fruit, these two fruits are nevertheless leagues apart in terms of calorie content.

4. Passion Fruit

One lesser-known fruit is the passion fruit, but its protein-content is comparable to that of the coconut kernel. Within 100 grams of the passion fruit lies 2.20 grams of protein. Much like the strawberry, passion fruit has a sweetness balanced by sourness, so it is a hit or miss with some people. Nevertheless, passion fruit is something people should not be averse to trying at least once.

5. Banana

One fruit you have definitely tried is the banana. An entire banana weighs roughly 100 grams, and it offers about 1.5 grams of protein, which is not bad at all. The subtle sweetness of the flavor is reinforced by the hardiness of its texture, making this fruit one of the favorites of the human population, whether as a healthy snack or an elegant dessert typically paired with ice cream.

6. Watermelon

That being said, one popular summer fruit is the watermelon. Unlike the strawberry and the passionfruit, the watermelon has no sourness of which to speak. Anyone who has tried watermelon would probably just describe it as watery sweetness.

However, did you know that there was a lot of protein in those seeds?  24 seeds would yield one gram of protein, which is a lot when you consider their collective mass. If you can manage stomaching those seeds, you could definitely get a lot of protein from them.

7. Peaches

Finally, peaches are another great source of protein for a fruit. Each peach offers around two grams of protein. The quality of a peach really does vary, but it does tend to have an agreeable taste for a lot of people.


There are many more fruits that do offer a high-protein content. But, if you are looking to add any as a regular part of your diet, the seven high protein fruites mentioned here would undoubtedly be great places to start.

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