High-calorie Vegan Foods to Avoid for Losing Weight

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High-calorie Vegan Foods to Avoid – It is a common belief that a vegetarian or vegan diet is ideal for weight loss, as it contains less fat and fewer calories. Well, the truth is that there are some vegetarian foods that are high in calories.

Regardless of whether you intend to have or avoid them, high-calorie foods are likely to be there in your vegan diet if you do not know them. You only need to identify these foods so that you can avoid them.

High-calorie Vegan Foods

While it a myth that vegans survive only on fruits and veggies that are usually low in calories, one cannot deny the fact that legumes, tubers, and grains have many calories. Let’s check some of these high-calorie vegan foods.

high-calorie vegan foods

#1. Quinoa

Quinoa is a powerhouse of protein as well as minerals. It is known for its delectable taste and health benefits. However, it is a myth that quinoa is a lower-calorie option than rice when it comes to replacing the latter.

Actually, there are 222 calories in just a single cup of cooked quinoa, which is almost equivalent to that of brown rice. While it is fine to have it as a healthy dish, ensure that you take a half cup or even less in your diet.

#2. Dry Fruits (Nuts)

In a vegan diet, nuts are perhaps among the most essential foods. However, at the same time, consuming them is also similar to having one of the high-calorie vegan foods. For example, an ounce of pistachios or almonds has around 164 calories. Further, 1.5-ounce raisins have 129 calories.

Similarly, an ounce of pecans or macadamias has even more calories. So, munching nuts, using them as a salad topping, or enjoying their natural butter simply pushes up the number of calories consumed. However, nut fats are highly unsaturated and ingest additional protein.

#3. Peanut Butter

This is a tasty ingredient in salads and on bread slices and is known to fight heart ailments, burn fat, and develop muscle. However, these benefits are only evident when you have it in moderation. Just two big spoons have calories and fat equivalent to that of Snickers. So, it is vital to have this butter sparingly, especially in recipes that you do not like.

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#4. Greek Yogurt

This is a superfood with only half the carbs as well as double the protein existing in plain yogurt. Sounds good if you wish to lose weight, right? A bit less than one cup of it has only 150 calories. So, where is the problem? Well, the problem is when you do not like its taste and consequently end up having it with sweet toppings such as honey.

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This is how it becomes one of the high-calorie vegan foods. You simply overcome the calorie intake restriction by doing so. It is wise to have that plain, original flavor and restrict its portions as well as toppings.


Thus, consuming a vegan diet does not mean a low-calorie ingestion due to these processed or high-fat items. As per the vegan diet type that you need to follow as per your health, you are likely to avoid these vegan foods or have them in fewer quantities in your meals.