Hello Fresh Vs. Blue Apron Comparison

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All of you who are considering getting the fresh ingredients on their footstep will want to know all about the Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron comparison. These are two leaders in the industry and they offer the best service. But, which is better?

The Prices and Services

Blue Apron offers you 3 times per week service for 2 people or 2 times per week for 4 people. This is known as a family plan. You are paying $59.94 for the first option and $69.92/$139.84 for the second one.

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Hello Fresh is slightly different. They offer 5 times per week service and they are a better alternative if you are a vegetarian. They also offer more appealing recipes in general. However, they are more expensive as well. If you are vegetarian, you are looking at $59 or $109 per week. Normal service is $69.


Blue Apron offers 3 meat meals and 3 vegetarian ones. However, when you choose the first meal, others will be limited, which is the biggest issue here. There are several limits which we didn’t like. Yes, for most people, this is a sufficient list of choices.

Hello Fresh offers 5 different types of meat and a single vegetarian meal. Keep in mind that they offer their service 5 times a week. In addition, they are also partners with Jamie Oliver, a famous chef, and he will provide one free recipe per week.

Experiences with both Service Providers

Blue Apron were the first to test. They offered a decent alternative and they included fresh and tasteful ingredients every single time. You can get pork, fish and chicken and you will be impressed with the recipes you can use as long as you want.

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A downside is the fact they delivered a bit smaller portions that most users will actually need. The same applies to the vegetables which will be delivered. It looks like all the ingredients are carefully calculated, so you get only the amount you are actually going to need. Don’t forget that this is a more affordable option.

Hello Fresh is a bit more expensive. But, they have delivered full ingredients and all you are going to need in order to prepare a recipe provided. The list of recipes is slightly limited compared to Blue Apron, but it is still worthy of consideration.

They also offer more versatile ingredients, so you can prepare different meals easier than ever before. We obviously liked the portions included and we must add that the versatility is impressive. The chances are high that you will be more than just satisfied for paying a bit more.

Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron – Bottom Line

Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron comparison is more than just complicated. The Blue Apron offers more affordable, yet limited service. They offer better recipes and there are countless possibilities to try out. All the recipes are well-developed and professional. Hello Fresh offers a more expensive service with more choices and recipes which are state of the art, yet more of them would be better.

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