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Best Vegetable Steamer Reviews – For health-conscious individuals, eating the right amount of food with the right amount of vitamins and minerals for the body is a must. While boiling and frying may be a great way of cooking vegetables and other food, these are not the best methods for retaining the food’s major nutrients. Hence, homeowners are now shifting to vegetable steaming. Such method does not only retain the food’s nutrients but is also efficient and time-saving.

Best Vegetable Steamer – Top 3 Picks

In order to experience a healthy and delicious meal, you should choose the best vegetable steamer available on the market today. We guarantee that buying the right one will satisfy your body, palate, and pocket.

#1. Hamilton Beach 5.5 Quart (37530A) Digital Food Steamer

hamilton beach best vegetable steamer

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Capability and Performance

Coming from one of the principal distributors of home kitchen and restaurant appliances, the Hamilton Beach has once again proven their product superiority with the Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer. Branded as one of the best vegetable steamer products today, this product gives optimum flexibility as you can steam two different dishes at the same time using its two stackable pots.

When steaming a large-sized or large quantity of food, just take out the divider at the center of the two pots. This vegetable steamer can cater various kinds of foods ranging from broccolis to clams to chickens to rice.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

With its easy-to-store pots, lid and other accessories, you can easily place them inside your kitchen cabinet or cupboard. To start steaming, just operate the built-in digital touchpad that displays a number of settings for power, timer, and other purposes. Immediately after the whole process, the steamer will automatically change to warm setting to retain the heat of your food, and it will also produce a beeping sound to notify you.

This product is also perfect for busy individuals as it has a delay start feature. This feature allows you to prepare your food in advance. You can set your delay time within 24 hours. It will automatically steam right after your set up time expires. Note that the delay start setting does not apply to all meat and seafood. When cleaning, manually wash the steamer. The only dishwasher safe parts of the product are the drip tray and rice bowl.

Bonuses and Warranty

Together with the Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer, you will get the user guide manual and steaming chart. The Hamilton Beach warrants its users one year starting from the date of purchase.

  • Easy-to-use touchpad for settings, clean and store.
  • Automatically warms food when done steaming.
  • Alerts when steaming is complete.
  • Steams a wide variety of food, from vegetables to meat.
  • Delay start feature.

  • Some reviewers complained that this product is poorly built.

#2. Rosewill Electric Food Steamer 9.5 Quart

rosewill best vegetable steamer

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Built and Performance

The Rosewill has once again manufactured a highly durable kitchen appliance, namely, the Rosewill TY510-01TA Electric Food Steamer. This product comes with three stackable transparent pots and a rice bowl for optimum flexibility. This allows you to steam three different dishes in one go. Remember to always place the food that needs to be cooked the longest at the bottom.

All pots including the rice bowl are BPA-free so it is guaranteed safe to use. Performance wise, the Rosewill TY510-01TA Electric Food Steamer has the ability to steam at a high speed with its 800-watt power.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

Operating the Rosewill Steamer is easy; with a built-in 60-minute timer, you can set your required steaming time. The steamer automatically shuts off when your food is ready or when the water is empty. Added safety is given as the handles have stay-cool feature, so you can touch it without any risk even when the inside of the basket is hot.

For easy monitoring of the water level, the steamer is designed to have small transparent windows on both sides at the base, and filling the base with water is simple as you do not need to take out the pots due to its water vents. All provided parts such as the pots and rice bowl are safe for dishwashing. Each basket, lid, and rice bowl is highly compact for ease of storage.

Other Features

You do not need to worry about any egg breakages as all pots are designed to hold eggs. Hence, you can securely position your eggs vertically and just wait until the boiling is done.

  • All parts are BPA-free for maximum safety.
  • Stay-cool handle feature.
  • Built-in water vents for easy filling of water.
  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • Easy to store.
  • Pots are designed to hold eggs.

  • Users reported that the timer indicators are not waterproof – can be easily removed using hands.
  • Users reported that it leaks easily.

#3. Food Steamer 9.5 Quart Aicok Vegetable Steamer

aicok best vegetable steamer

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Capability and Performance

Running on 800-watt power, the Aicok Food Steamer 9.5 Quart Aicok Vegetable Steamer can steam your dishes at high speed. The product comes with 3 pots, lid, and rice bowl. All these steamer accessories are 100% BPA free. Providing prowess and versatility, you can steam three different foods in one go with the product’s three stackable transparent pots.

Amongst the affordable steamers on the market today, this is one of the best vegetable steamer products. The product’s base is made of stainless steel while the pots are made of plastic material that is resistant to temperatures up to 284° F.

Ease of Use and Capacity

You can fill-in large quantities of vegetables, seafood, chicken meat, rice, and eggs as the pots have a maximum capacity of 9.5 quarts. When using, follow the indicated number of each pot, from 1 to 3. Stock them accordingly to prevent any damages. The steamer has a built-in 60-minute timer to give more convenience during the whole steaming process. The product also has an alert feature that notifies you when your food is ready or when the water is empty. Afterwards, the steamer will automatically shut off.

Ease of storage is provided as all accessories have a compact design, and they are also safe for dishwashing. When filling in water, you do not need to remove the pots above as the steamer has a built-in water vent. You can as well easily monitor the water level through the transparent windows located at the base.

Other Feature and Warranty

The Aicok Food Steamer 9.5 Quart Aicok Vegetable Steamer doesn’t have any elegant features, but considering its price, this is a pretty good vegetable steamer that does its job perfectly. The company warrants its users two years from the date of purchase.

  • Built-in 60-minute timer.
  • Three stackable transparent pots.
  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • Transparent windows for easy monitoring of water level.
  • Two-year limited warranty.

  • Pots are made of plastic.
  • Only the pot labeled number 1 can fit on the base.
  • Some reviewers reported that it stopped working after several months of use.


Whatever food you are steaming, always choose the best vegetable steamer that matches your requirements. There are tons of steamers on the market with more elegant features and durable material; however, these are the high-end ones. If you are on a tight budget, the top 3 best vegetable steamer models listed above will suit you. With 74% and above positive rating and 4.0 and above stars, these are the most affordable and best vegetable steamers you can get. However, at the end of the day, your top pick will always depend on your day-to-day kitchen necessities.

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