Top 6 Super Healthy Alternatives To Soda – Quit The Unhealthy Habit Right Now

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Are there any Healthy Alternatives To Soda? Let’s find out. Cutting soda out of your habits is definitely a brilliant idea. While everyone is aware of it, plenty of people fail though. Why? There is a simple reason – they simply cannot find a good replacement. Everyone knows how harsh soda can be on the human body.

Healthy Alternatives to Soda

healthy alternatives to soda

Luckily enough, there are a few good alternatives that can help you handle cravings without risking your health. So, what healthy alternatives to soda can you rely on?

#1. Fruit Infused Water

You can buy flavored water in any supermarket, but it is much better to do it your own. This way, you know exactly what goes in – no artificial sweeteners, sugar, and harmful chemicals.

Just add a few parts of your favorite fruits and vegetables. Whether you like oranges, mint, cucumber, lemons or watermelon, make your own water-based cocktail by choosing the optimal combinations. You can also throw them all into a blender, chop them up, place the mixture in ice cube trays and freeze. All you have to do is take one of these healthy ice cubes and throw them into your water.

#2. Green Tea

Even if you do not like hot drinks, green tea is often mentioned among the healthy alternatives to soda. You can also freeze it or store it in the fridge for a refreshing ice tea. Not only does it cancel the harsh effects of soda, but it also improves the heart function and kidneys. Furthermore, it can prevent obesity and a few types of cancer. If you want it sweeter, just add a few drops of honey.

#3. Vegetable Juice

Vegetable juice is an excellent alternative to soda. Sure, it tastes nothing like it, but the results are the same. It will kill your cravings while supporting your body with all kinds of healthy minerals and vitamins.

Add your favorite vegetables into a blender or a juicer, as well as a few fruits for a sweeter taste. While vegetable juice is sugary, it has natural sugar coming straight from the ingredients – no fake additives and no preservatives.

#4. Soy and Almond Milk

Whether you are vegan or you simply cannot have milk, soy milk is an excellent alternative. It is packed with protein and comes in lots of flavors, including vanilla and chocolate. Some soy milk manufacturers fortify their drinks with plenty of vitamins and calcium too – those are your best bets. Almond milk is just as handy, yet it does not have as much protein as soy milk.

#5. Coffee

Lots of soda fans blame it on the addiction to caffeine – fair enough! Your healthy alternatives to soda are even better then. How about a cup of coffee? Research shows that coffee is healthy when drunk in moderation.

Ideally, you should get it unsweetened. If you like milk, add a small amount of it. Coffee prevents type 2 diabetes, heart affections and a few types of cancer. And just like you probably know already, it will give you a good morning boost.

#6. Coconut Water

Coconut water is the answer to any thirst related issue. It is naturally sweet and comes with numerous antioxidants and vitamins. It is low in fat and calories, but it also helps against extra weight and acne.


Bottom line, you do have some healthy alternatives to soda if you truly want to quit this unhealthy habit. While they do not look same feel and taste, they have similar effects over your cravings. When it comes to health and beauty, they can easily outweigh soda from all points of view. Take your time to experiment and find out what works for you.

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