A Guide To Buy The Best Yogurt Maker

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Best Yogurt Maker Reviews – Lots of health-conscious people include yogurt in their everyday diet chart. We usually buy this tasty dessert directly from stores. However, nowadays, the tech-savvy yogurt enthusiasts love to prepare it at their home. That is why they have bought a yogurt maker for simple preparation of the snacks.

This is an electronic machine, which is able to prepare the yogurt within the shortest time. You will have a full control over the yogurt recipe by using this device. You just have to choose the milk and other ingredients that you like to add to the yogurt. With no harmful additives and chemicals, you can have your yogurt ready.

Best Yogurt Maker – Our Top Picks

We have reviewed the best yogurt maker models to help you in buying the right one.

#1. Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker 

cuisinart electronic best yogurt maker

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Vertically shaped appliance

The yogurt maker looks very attractive due to the unique vertical shape. This slim, tall system can be installed easily on your kitchen countertop.

Bigger capacity

You can make much amount of yogurt with this system, and also store it inside this canister. The capacity of this canister is 50 oz, and for every serving, you can get 8 oz of yogurt.

Automatic cooling process

Most of the users have chosen as it as the best yogurt maker for this special feature. Preparing the homemade yogurt becomes very easy for you. After accomplishing the process of fermentation, the system jumps to the ultimate step of cooling the content.

The cooling and heating processes are done automatically, and you won’t have to press any switch for it. You may have the yogurt in the breakfast. The appliance gets deactivated automatically, and its timer works for a day with an interval of 60 minutes.

Easy to clean

You can clean your yogurt maker very easily. Wash the lid and the tub with soap and water. Clean the base of the device with a wet cloth.

  • Very compact.
  • BPA-free container.
  • No noise production.
  • LED display for the timer.

  • Temperature is not controllable.

#2. Yogourmet 104 Electric Yogurt Maker

yogourmet electric best yogurt maker

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Best temperature settings

To prepare yogurt, the system provides you with the right level of temperature. You may pour any type of milk (like soy or goat milk) for making the yogurt. The system is designed to use a very thin water layer in order to make the conversion of the milk. Within four hours, you can get the tasty yogurt ready to be served.

High-quality container

There is a container, present inside the appliance, and it is manufactured with no harmful chemical. You have no risk of BPA or PVC. This container is dishwasher safe and not easily breakable. It can store one to two quarts of yogurt. Keep your yogurt healthy and fresh for two weeks in your fridge. There is also a thermometer, integrated with the appliance, and you may find out the right time for adding the tartar.

Other features

You can see a red colored indicator light that indicates the activation of power. The power cord, included in the package, is of thirty inches in length. You can get a cotton bag to make appetizing cheese very easily.

  • Yogurt prepared with any milk.
  • Acts as a fat-free cheese maker.
  • Clear instructions on the usage.

  • The lid sealing is not tight.

#3. Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker 2L

euro cuisine yogurt maker

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It is a white colored stylish yogurt making appliance. You can place at any spot of your kitchen and have your yogurt prepared within a short time. The device is able to prepare two Quarts of yogurt at a time. The yogurt maker is designed in a special way to help you in controlling the level of sweetness, fat percentage, and other ingredients. Add milk of any type, and prepare the yogurt with no effort.

Timer system

You may be preparing the yogurt for the first time. However, still, there is no chance of getting confused. The system has a Timer, present at the side portion, and it is intended to mark the accurate time while the yogurt preparation process is over.

Cheese maker

For making cheese, you have to fill the cotton bag with the right amount of content, and then, hang this bag. See also: Best Cheese Rotary Grater

Additional accessories

The package includes a bowl, which is useful to you for serving the yogurt. Thermometer, used for yogurt preparation, is made of stainless steel.

  • Compact design.
  • No BPA.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Timer included.

  • Plastic container.
  • Loud sound.

#4. Proctor Silex 86300 Yogurt Maker, 32 oz, Stainless Steel

proctor silex 86300 yogurt maker

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Attractive design

Proctor Silex has offered the best yogurt maker of every elegant design. The stainless steel construction of the appliance has made the product sturdy and reliable. This is a tested yogurt maker, where the motor and switches can work smoothly. The manufacturer has tested each of its features to present you with a unique product.

Easy to control

Since you are preparing the yogurt at your home, you have to add any ingredient that you like. You can use the right amount of sugar and add fruits. With no syrup, you may prepare the yogurt. There are digital buttons, present on the systems. You can find a timer, counting down the time for preparing the yogurt. The appliance generates an alarm sound while the job is done.

Yogurt storage

In one container, you can prepare the yogurt and then, store it. There is an airtight plastic container, which can be locked easily for storing the dessert. You can clean the container very easily. The capacity of the container is 32 oz.

  • Easy to prepare the yogurt.
  • Includes recipes to give you guide on applying the toppings.
  • Airtight container.
  • Simple buttons.

  • Problem in fitting the container and in taking it out.


Our review is useful to you to pick the best yogurt maker. Check out the features, and invest in this simple electronic system to taste this healthy, nutritious dessert anytime.