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Best Herb Grinder Reviews – Whether you want to grind dry herbs, teas, and other ingredients, nothing beats the taste and feeling of a properly grinded plant. There are a number of ways you can prepare dry herbs and other ingredients for ingestion—you can either use your hands, your teeth, or a scissor. However, using such traditional methods will obviously affect the consistency of this type of plant.

Most connoisseurs would, of course, prefer not only a consistent and even cut but also efficiency and cost-effectiveness. That is why herb grinders are popular for most consumers. Certainly, you would want to get the best herb grinder on the market, the one that would stand the test of time and won’t let you down.

Best Herb Grinder – Our Top Picks

Hence, in this article, we will discuss the top three best herb grinder products. Always remember that your top choice will always depend on your preferences.

#1. Golden Gate Grinders

golden gate best herb grinder

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Material and Design

Coming from the number one best herb grinder manufacturer, the Golden Gate Grinder is capable of crushing your herbs with high precision and stability with its 45 perfectly sized and thick, razor-sharp, diamond cutting teeth and extremely robust aircraft grade aluminum material.

Golden Gate manufactured this product in a way that the teeth won’t break and the grinder itself won’t wear out over time. Your kief (the accumulation of refined pieces of herbs) and other filtered pollen are well sifted into the catcher especially with the sifter’s micron steel mesh built. This scratch-resistant grinder is sleek and elegant in design with its black color and smooth and glossy finish.

Capacity and Performance

With the grinder’s diameter of 2.5 inches, it can cater and store heaps of dry herbs all at once for more efficiency. During the grinding process, you can expect a spill-free herb experience due to the great neodymium magnets, which secure the closure of the lid and the freshness of the herbs, and the thin poly o-ring, which allows for an effortless and peaceful grinding experience. The textured sides of the grinder guarantee a comfortable grip while grinding.


The Golden Gate, with their great confidence in their product’s durability and quality, warrants their users a lifetime warranty. They are also giving a full money back guarantee. The company clearly prioritizes customer satisfaction.

  • Grinder’s material – heavy-duty aircraft grade aluminum.
  • Pollen scraper included.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Lifetime warranty and money back guarantee.

  • Limited to a diameter size of 2.5  inches.
  • Only comes in one color.
  • Most reviewers reported that it catches the pollen poorly.

#2. Zip Grinders Large Herb Grinder

zip grinders

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Material and Design

Amongst the affordable grinders, the Zip Grinders Large Herb Grinder is considered one of the best herb grinder products. It is so large (2.5 x 3.2 x 2.5 inches) that it can act both as a grinder and storage for your herbs. Made of tough aerospace aluminum with 49 sharp teeth, you are always ensured of a stable and smooth grinding process for a long time.

At the center of this grinder is a transparent acrylic window which lets you see your grinded plant. Not only durable, this herb grinder is extremely pleasing to the eyes with its glossy and lustrous coat.

Capacity and Performance

Due to its mega chamber, believe it or not, this four-piece grinder can hold a maximum of 6 tablespoons of herbs, teas, tobaccos, and other ingredients. Rest assured that your herb will be precisely crushed and stored with its sharp teeth and screen that is made of stainless steel mesh.

Are you always on the go? You can bring this herb grinder with you whenever, wherever; just take out the transparent middle chamber, and you now have a compact-sized grinder.

Bonuses and Warranty

When you order the Zip Grinders Large Herb Grinder, you will also receive one free pollen scraper tool. The Zip Grinder is fully aware of the needs and wants of their beloved customers; hence, they are giving them a limited lifetime warranty or a money back guarantee. For a decent low-priced herb grinder, this product is a fine choice.

  • Transparent acrylic window at the center.
  • 6-tablespoon herb capacity.
  • Pocket grinder included, just remove the center chamber.
  • Limited lifetime warranty and money back guarantee.

  • Some reviewers reported of a squeaking sound while grinding.
  • Some reviewers reported that the magnet is not strong enough.

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#3. Masterdam Grinders 4-Piece Anodized Aluminum Herb Grinder

masterdam grinders

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Material and Design

Manufactured in Amsterdam, the Masterdam Grinder is a four-piece grinder that is exceptionally built with a scratch-resistant, aerospace grade aluminum material. The Masterdam specifically designed this product to last a long time. You will experience an optimum smooth grinding process and precisely crushed herbs with the product’s remarkably sharp, curve-shaped teeth and perfectly sized screen holes. Expect a spill-free grinding as the lid will always be tightly shut due to its built-in neodymium magnet.

Capacity and Performance

Measuring 2.7 x 2.5 x 2.2 inches, this grinder is large enough to cater and store your herbs. Manufacturers purposely designed the teeth for maximum shredding since carve shaped teeth are more efficient than regular shaped teeth.

The chamber is also crafted to be round in shape as such feature secures to catch all grinded herbs. A nylon ring is attached at the grinder to avoid metal-to-metal contact and ensure an effortless and quiet grinding.

Bonuses and Warranty

When ordering Masterdam Grinders, you will also receive a pollen scraper tool, drawstring bag, grinder care, and user guide. The Masterdam warrants their customers 3 years. It is a truly risk-free investment for the users who want to own the best herb grinder.

  • 4-piece grinder.
  • Perfectly sized screen holes.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Pollen scraper tool, drawstring bag, grinder care, and user guide included.

  • Only gives 3-year limited warranty.
  • Some reviewers reported that this grinder is of poor quality – tiny screen, ineffective magnetic lid.


For budget-friendly herb grinders, the top 3 listed products above are amongst the best herb grinders you can get with such price. Of course, there may be some cons and minor issues, but all in all, these grinders do what they need to do and create a fascinating grinding experience for everyone. All three products got an 88% and above positive reviews and 4.4 stars and above ratings with a ranking ranging from 1st to 14th in the herb and spice mills section.

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