How To Grill Filet Mignon Like A Pro

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The first time you hear how to grill filet mignon question you will probably feel terrified. After all, this dish has a fancy name and it looks complicated and elegant at the same time. The main thing to know is that this dish is actually extremely simple to prepare.

In this case scenario, less is more, so you will need a piece of meat and simple ingredients. Of course, you will need a few guidelines we will mention below.

How to grill filet mignon: An easy way

If you have a meat that was taken from the outer edge of the filet, you will want to wrap it in bacon. It will keep all the juices inside and it will make it feel so much better. Then, you will need simple ingredients like ground pepper.

Simply rub it into the meat. Try to remember that the salt should be added after you dry filet mignon, not before. Of course, you are free to use a traditional marinade if you feel like this is a right choice for you. Once you are done with this step, leave the meat to stay between 30 and 45 minutes at a room temperature.

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The next main step is to preheat the grill. Here we can see two possibilities. If you use a gas grill, leave it on medium high for 15-20 minutes and you are done. If you use a charcoal grill, make sure the charcoal is evenly distributed and has a red color. It should be covered with white ash as well.

Place the steak on the grill

Now you will want to place the steak on the grill. Make sure not to pierce it while placing it on the grill or the juices will escape the steak. Sear the steak for 3 minutes on each side and then cook it between 1 and 6 minutes on each side on indirect heat.

To get this, make sure to turn off the center burner on your gas grill or move most of the charcoal to one side and cook it on another if you use a charcoal grill. Both case scenarios require you to leave the lid closed during the entire process.

Remove the steak on the grill

After you are done, you will have to remove the steak from the grill. Make sure to use a thermometer in order to check the inner temperature. It should be 140 degrees Fahrenheit for medium or 130 degrees Fahrenheit for a rare steak.

It is also important to know that steak must be served in warm plates and it must stay 5 minutes before serving, so the flavors can settle down. This is also the most common mistake some people make. They serve it straightaway from the grill, so it is hot. Don’t make the same mistake as they have!


Now you have the answer to how to grill filet mignon question. All you will have to know is that this is an actual simple process that takes less than 30 minutes. Yes, there are a lot of possibilities and adjustments you can make, but this is up to you.

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