Green Chef Vs. Blue Apron: All The Differences You Have To Know

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Now is the time to compare the Green Chef vs. Blue Apron and see which company is better and which is more appealing to you. In the beginning, all you have to know is that both of these companies offer delicious meals of all sorts.

Green Chef Vs. Blue Apron

green chef vs. blue apron

You will be able to get them easier than ever and you will enjoy the taste. However, we will be more focused on the differences these two companies offer to the users.

Green Chef

One of the most interesting advantages of this company is their cooperation with Meals on Wheels. It is a program which is developed in order to help senior citizen to get a delicious meal at their home address. As such, more than 2.5 million seniors get fresh and delicious meals daily across the country. This is definitely an advantage, especially if you know that Green Chef will be responsible for your future meals as well.

All of their ingredients are organic. Yes, they come certified and they come checked and tested. This is a massive advantage if you like organic ingredients and now you have a great ability to experience all-organic ingredients.

We should add that when you use #greenchefgives on your social media, the company will donate to the Meals on Wheels on your behalf. It is a nice and small addition.

Green Chef is also a better alternative if you are looking for bigger portions. Almost all of their meals come slightly bigger than Blue Apron has to offer, which is an impressive advantage. Honestly, we would like to see Blue Apron increase their portions in the near future. For those who love to eat, they are simply too small.

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Green Chef is also better when it comes to accommodating your particular diet. You will be able to get specific meals for Paleo, Vegetarian and gluten-free diets. This isn’t the case with Blue Apron. Another addition we liked a lot is labeling the ingredients. Green Chef does instead of you, while Blue Apron won’t organize the ingredients, so you will have to complete the process all by yourself.

Blue Apron

At this point it may look like Blue Apron doesn’t have any advantages to offer, but this isn’t the truth. As a matter of fact, there are a few of them. The first one is the affordability. They are generally more affordable than Green Chef and you can expect to save between $20 and $60 a week. In other words, you will save $1500 per year. This is a massive advantage for some of you.

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The next main advantage is the shipping. It is completely free while Green Chef comes with $9 for each shipment. A related advantage is the packaging. Yes, both companies offer their meals in nice boxes with plenty of additions, but Blue Apron package items slightly better. The boxes look stronger and more durable. Keep in mind that both companies use recycled boxes.

If you love wine and you want it included in your orders, then Blue Apron is a definitive winner. They offer an additional subscription of $65 which includes 6 bottles of wine per week. Just to add, Green Chef doesn’t offer wine at all.

The last but not least are the recipes. Both of these companies will offer great recipes so you can prepare the meals. However, Blue Apron will include the ingredients and the measurements, which makes things easier.

Green Chef, on the other hand, mentions only the ingredients. Don’t forget that Blue Apron has a website that is slightly easier to use and they are generally better focused on the users. Of course, there are apps for smartphones, which are a preferable way of using these service providers.

Green Chef vs. Blue Apron – The Verdict

We took a look at the Green Chef vs. Blue Apron comparison and now we must tell you our verdict. The Green Chef is slightly better when it comes to portions and the services they offer, but they are more expensive. Blue Apron is more affordable and they offer a wine selection. But, their portions are smaller. Now you can choose which company will be a better option for you and use it accordingly.

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