What Can Be a Great Dijon Mustard Substitute

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Dijon Mustard Substitute – Sandwiches, salad dressings, glazing, dips, and even a few marinates are just incomplete without the Dijon mustard. Whether in a restaurant or at home, this smooth and creamy paste is simply an undeniable ingredient for many cooks.

So, are you preparing a recipe that needs a Dijon mustard but the jar in which you store it is empty at present? Well, this is no sad news. This is because there is a Dijon mustard substitute, may be in your kitchen right, which you are unaware of.

Yes, this is possible that your kitchen has something that can be a good alternative to Dijon mustard. What you need to know is which the alternatives are. It is equally important to know how to choose the most relevant one as per the recipe you are making.

What Makes Up the Dijon Mustard?

Dijon mustard has a distinct taste that is not highly acidic and is a little spicy. The texture is creamy of this pale yellow paste. Its common ingredients are ground brown mustard seeds and white wine.

However, it is the secret ingredient that makes this paste truly flavorful. This is verjuice, a juice of unripe grapes that provides a specific flavor. To get this authentic flavor, it is essential to know how to prepare this verjuice and the French wine, which is actually not so easy.

Several cooks have found that a blend of vinegar and lemon juice is a good alternative to verjuice. For wine, a substitute is not a problem as the one made from Chardonnay grapes is just fine.

Now that you know the ingredients, flavor, and texture, it will become easy for you to judge the right Dijon mustard substitute from the below list.

Dijon Mustard Substitute – Some Convenient Alternatives

Alternatives to this creamy paste are such that you can easily find in your home or at a nearby grocery store or supermarket. They are that easy! Following are the alternatives to consider:

1. Custom or Instant Dijon Mustard

No, this is not a name of any product but it indicates that you can make your own at home using some of the available ingredients. It is actually easy and instant to make it.

You would need one tablespoon each of mayonnaise and dry mustard, a pinch of sugar, one teaspoon water or even more to get the desired consistency, and a half teaspoon of white vinegar. Mix these ingredients together to obtain two tablespoons of this substitute.

2. A Mix of Turmeric, Salt, Garlic, and Chili Peppers

This is a handy Dijon mustard substitute and matches well in terms of flavor. Mix all these ingredients to form a bright yellow mix. Ground all of them before mixing. Chilly gives the hotness, while garlic lifts the whole flavor with salt.

Another alternative is yellow mustard that has turmeric and not mustard seeds. Unlike Dijon Mustard, this one is less tangy but is tarter.

3. Brown Mustard

Consider this alternative if you want spicy food, and not mild that yellow mustard provides. The option is spicier due to its seeds dipped in less vinegar and boasts a coarser texture than Dijon mustard. Thus, you can brown mustard in sauces.


The substitutes are such that they cater to even those who do not like Dijon mustard. So, anyone can go ahead and choose the one that best suits the dish as well as the preferred taste.

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