Which Is A Good Dill Substitute?

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Dill Substitute – Cooking a recipe that needs dill can make you seek a dill substitute instantly when you come to know that there is a shortage of it. At times, it so happens that the guests or members for whom we cook do not like dill. These are the situations in which it is useful to know about a good substitute.

Dill is a plant used as a spice or herb in Europe and Asia. Remarkably, its leaves and seeds are used as culinary herbs or spices. Dill leaves add flavor to stews and soups, which is similar to caraway and anise. Many times, both of these herbs are used together.

dill substitute

On the other hand, dill seeds belong to the category of spices, which you can grind and used in several recipes. In terms of flavor, the seed is a bit milder than the weed.

4 Dill Substitute Options

Dill is available in different forms across the globe. Due to these variations, it becomes easier to find a dill substitute. Following are some of the common dill alternatives to consider:

#1. Fennel

The feathery leaves of dill make it ideal for garnishing soups, salads, and several other dishes. So, if you are looking for a dill substitute that is to be used for garnishing, fennel can be your best bet due to a similar look.

Just as dill, fennel has feathery leaves although the stems are bushier than dill. You can cut the leaves of fennel and use them just like the dill leaves. The flavor of this substitute is sweet but mild and comes with licorice notes. Thus, it is likely to balance any recipe that needs dill.

Fennel is one of the commonly used herbs. If you use it, it should be present in your kitchen. If not, you can easily find it in any grocery stores.

#2. Parsley

This is one of the most affordable and easiest to find dill substitutes. Parsley is perhaps among the mildest herbs to consider for dishes that do not need an overwhelming flavor. Due to its mildness, parsley is perhaps used in almost any dish. Related: Parsley Substitute

At times, dill can be less mild or be too much overwhelming in a specific dish. In this case, you can add parsley to this recipe to get an earthy spice and complementing other flavors, especially in curries, soups, and dressings for salads.

#3. Basil

Dishes that require fresh dill leaves often tend to work well with fresh basil leaves. For example, if you are making a salad dressing or a marinade, you can easily replace dill leaves with basil leaves. While the flavor differs, the taste complements well. Just like parsley, basil is also easily available as well as affordable. Related: Basil Substitute

#4. Rosemary

This Mediterranean herb is a good alternative to dill weed. Its strong aroma makes it an ideal choice for vegetables and beans. Related: Rosemary Substitute


Despite having a distinct flavor, dill has its own set of alternatives whose flavor tend to imitate the herb when you use them correctly. These dill substitutes are easy to obtain, with some being there on your kitchen countertop.