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Gaggia Anima Review – Lots of people believe that coffee is not a simple hot beverage. This is a drink to make us energized. Most of us get obsessed to the flavor of coffee, espresso or cappuccino. However, the busy coffee aficionados do not get much time to brew their drink in a conventional way.

That’s why the espresso maker is the right investment of these consumers. By adding the ingredients and by pressing one button, you can prepare your coffee.

Gaggia Anima Review – Top 3 Models

Although there are espresso makers of several brands, we have chosen Gaggia for our review. We have included 3 products in this Gaggia Anima review.

#1. Gaggia Anima Coffee and Espresso Machine – First Series

gaggia anima review first series

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Design and durability

Gaggia Anima is one of the attractive looking espresso makers. Though this model is enclosed in a plastic case, its chrome-like appearance is really amazing. This appliance has a very sleek profile, and its width is not more than 9 in.

There are LED screen and simple buttons, integrated into the system, and it becomes very easy for you to use the system. From Gaggia Anima review of various customers, we have learned that this machine is also highly durable.

There is a small exit valve that is adjustable up and down for accommodating the mugs and cups (almost 6inches tall). You may not have a splashing issue with this system.


For those, who love drinking latte and cappuccino, this espresso maker is the right option. You can control the water temperature, and add the right amount of finely grinded coffee. To get the better taste, you have to blend milk with it.

The brewing options are programmable, and you have to choose espresso lungo or espresso. There are various settings to control the temperature, ranging from 177.5 °F to 184.5 °F.

Innovative steam wand

It is PANNARELLO wand, which helps you in frothing the milk very easily. It is intended to directly inject the air into the milk for creating the milk foam, essential for cappuccinos and lattes. For stopping the access of air, you have to just submerge the hole of your wand in the milk.

By pressing the button for milk froth, you can warm up the unit, and then, it starts to dispense the heat automatically through wand.

  • Programmable button.
  • Espresso of good taste.
  • Drip tray is removable.
  • Removable water reservoir of good size- 60 oz.

  • No presence of cup warmer and steam cap.

#2. Gaggia Anima Prestige Automatic Coffee Machine

Gaggia Anima review Prestige

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Capacity and design

The brushed metal case and the stainless steel-made front panel have made the appliance highly reliable in design. From the genuine review, we have seen that users call it the aerodynamic design. To grind the beans and to reduce the transfer of heat, there is a ceramic-made burr grinder. The bean hopper of the system has an ability to hold 8-ounce beans. You do not need to refill the system with beans several times.

Milk Carafe

Like any other Gaggia Anima espresso maker, this one also has a milk carafe. The automatic frothing carafe helps the system in preparing the milk coffee by pressing one button. You can find this carafe at its front side, and its sprout is directed towards your coffee cup or mug. The carafe can be cleaned automatically. However, still, you have to remove it for cleaning.

Programmable options

The user-friendly interface helps you in customizing the drink in any way. The fastest working steam technology offers you a chance to adjust your beverages. Another unique feature is the opti-aroma technology for controlling the drinks’ flavor.

Coffee dispenser and pre-infusion

These two features add fun to your brewing process. They can make the activity stress-free for you. The pre-infusion is the best feature that helps you in enjoying delicious, bold flavored coffee. The dispenser is also adjustable, and you can alter its height (5.9inches). Thus, you can use it with any type of coffee cup.

Simple maintenance

This system includes a detachable dreg box (holding 15 coffee pucks). The brew group is made removable for easy maintainability. For more maintenance, the system will give you an alert through the programmed LCD.

  • One touch screen.
  • Includes bypass doser.
  • Prepares beverages with better consistency.

  • Very high price rate.

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#3. Gaggia Anima Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Machine

Gaggia Anima Deluxe review

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Easy to clean

The brew group, included with the system, is detachable, and the descaling cycle also gets started automatically. You have to simply take this brew group out of the unit for washing it. Remove the oil and coffee buildup for the protection of the machine’s performance. In addition to it, there is a standby mode of the system for saving the consumption of energy.

Easy to prepare beverages

With this machine, you won’t have the trouble of grinding the beans and monitoring the brewing process. There are also programmable options to brew drinks of all types. You may also set the right temperature for your coffee. While you do not like to have the taste of coffee, you have to prepare other drinks.

The steam wand acts as the water dispensing system and access to the hot tank water. It also helps in frothing and takes out the stored milk into another canister. Although this steam wand uses pressure, there is also a pump, increasing the pressure level for adding more flavor and aroma to your coffee.

Other features

The water tank and the bean hopper are placed at the right position. You can clean them or fill them very easily. You have to lift the lids to access any of these units. The tank is at the left side, while hopper remains at the right-hand side.

  • Compact espresso machine.
  • Milk frothing process, working automatically.
  • The beverage amount, its strength and temperature are adjustable.
  • Works with coffee beans and ground coffee.
  • Automatic descaling.

  • Everyday use can cause cracks to the water tank.


Thus, buy any of the above products from our Gaggia Anima review. Gaggia is one of the reliable brands to the espresso consumers. You can find differences in each of its products.

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