Frittata Vs. Quiche – Differences, Similarities & Cooking Methods

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When comparing frittata Vs. quiche, make sure you educate yourself, whether you are a perfectionist or you just want to impress your guests with your knowledge.

Frittata and quiche are some of the tastiest egg-based dishes. They make excellent breakfasts, but they are just as useful for a light dinner or perhaps lunch. To plenty of people, the difference between a frittata and quiche is invisible. They are quite similar to cook and they might taste alike, depending on the recipe. However, a specialist can always agree that there are several differences between these dishes.

At a first glance, there is one major difference between these dishes – the crust. Practically, a quiche needs to have a crust, while a frittata doesn’t. This is what defines the cooking process too. After all, eggs must be cooked in a different way to come up with a crust.

Learn how to cook Quiche

frittata vs. quiche food

Quiche is a first choice in many quick meal books because it is easy to cook and can fill you up in no time. Simply put, it is an unsweetened custard pie with several additions, such as ham, mushrooms or spinach. It is imperative to use eggs though. As for other ingredients, you can also spread some cheese on top, add more vegetables inside and even pour some milk in. In other words, this is a pizza cooked in a different way – anything you have at hand works. Moreover, it has to be cooked in an oven.

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Learn how to cook Frittata

frittata vs. quiche

Just like quiche, Frittata is also based on eggs. Unlike Quiche, you don’t have to exaggerate with cream and milk. While quiche needs to be cooked inside an oven, frittata must be cooked on a stove top, then added to the oven for some extra baking. When comparing frittata vs quiche, some people might associate frittata with an omelet, only it’s a bit more sophisticated. In some quick meal books, you’ll find frittata recipes described as Italian omelets. After all, that’s what you do before baking it – you scramble some eggs, mix them with other ingredients and cook the mix in a pan.

Comparing Frittata Vs. Quiche

Apart from the slight differences in ingredients, these two recipes are also cooked differently. Sometimes, you crave for the flaky, buttery feeling of a quiche. Plus, who can resist the brownish crust? On the other hand, Frittata is about simplicity. It takes a couple of minutes to prepare the mix and another few minutes to cook it. It’s also lower in carbohydrates – excellent for those on a diet. Things change with quiche, which might take up to 45 minutes to cook. As if all these were not enough, their origins also differ – quiche is French and frittata is Italian.

Frittata Vs. Quiche Conclusion

In the end, it’s up to you to decide what you want to cook. One thing is for sure – unless you want to impress someone, forget about comparing Frittata vs. Quiche. Just choose whatever you crave for based on your available time.

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