French Press Vs. Aeropress: Old Versus New

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Here we will compare French press vs. Aeropress and try to reveal which type or better said the machine is better for you. Due to the design which will be explained and the type of coffee you will get, these two methods can be divided as old and new. It is actually up to you to decide which one you prefer, but before that, we will have to explain them.

French press

The French Press was invented by an Italian designed in 1929. It operates in a simple way. You have a cylinder which will contain coffee ground. You also have a filter. When the container is filled with water, all you have to do is to press the filter and it will separate the coffee grounds from the water. As such, you get a delicious cup of coffee.

french press vs. drip coffee maker

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Because you have the ability to control the brewing process, this method is more preferable to true coffee experts. Keep in mind that this is also a more complicated method than for example using a dripping machine. At the end of a day, you will need to know how this press works and how you can make a delicious coffee.

This coffee is strong and it is adorable for many people. That’s why we can see French press in many hotels and restaurants.

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Aeropress can be treated as a modern version of the French press. At the first sight, the French press vs. Aeropress comparison may seem confusing, but we will explain all you will have to know.

french press vs. aeropress

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This coffee maker is made of plastic which is obviously BPA free. It looks elegant and modern and it is sophisticated yet simple. It also has a chamber where coffee grounds and water will be mixed. Keep in mind that they must be mixed for 15-40 seconds. After that, you will have to press the filter and you will get coffee.

Here, filters will have to be replaced after some time. They are located at the bottom and they must be screwed onto the Aeropress. This obviously means that you will have to purchase a new set of filters every now and then in order to continue using the unit.

Cleaning the unit is probably the main advantage. It is so simple that you can complete the entire process within a matter of seconds. Once cleaned, it will be ready to make more delicious coffee. This is a great moment to add the fact there are millions of people who like using this machine to get a delicious cup of coffee daily.

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French Press Vs. Aeropress – Conclusion

So, French press vs. Aeropress comparison has come to the end. And, which is better? There is no winner here. These two units are almost similar, but they are so different. One is traditional and another is modern and sophisticated.

This refers to the coffee you will get as well, so this matter cannot be generalized as well. It is up to you to decide which coffee machine you actually need and which one will be more than just suitable for you.

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