Can You Freeze Velveeta Cheese?

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Can You Freeze Velveeta Cheese? Velveeta cheese is creamier, softer, and smoother than other typical cheeses. When melted, it becomes thick as well as smooth and lacks clumps that other cheeses tend to have. With a clump-free texture, it is often preferred for spreading on appetizers and snacks such as cheese crackers. These features of Velveeta set it apart from other cheeses.

If you have brought plenty of Velveeta cheese just because it was on sale, you are obviously not going to have all at once. So, you may be bothered about where to store it. Keeping it out may not be a good option if you want to store it for long.

can you freeze velveeta

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You can freeze different cheeses such as cream, shredded cheese, and ricotta cheese. However, can you freeze Velveeta cheese? Let’s find out!

Is It Okay to Freeze Velveeta?

The company that makes this cheese is Kraft Foods and it does not suggest freezing this it. According to this company, freezing this cheese would bring a significant change in its flavor as well as quality.

The company seems to justify this recommendation by explaining that the freezing process can result in crystallization due to which the cheese can hold a grainy texture. Further, water and fat stored in it will tend to come out due to which moisture will be seen atop the frozen Velveeta cheese. This is likely to give a soppy texture apart from a skewed shape.

So Still, Can You Freeze Velveeta?

The answer is yes! You can choose to freeze it successfully so that it does not perish although people advise to refrigerate it for preservation purpose.

While the texture may not be restored to its original state, it is possible to reform it somewhat. Further, once you melt this frozen cheese for using in a recipe, you can mix it again. Thus, if you wish to use the extra Velveeta in the upcoming cheese cracker, try freezing it and see how it works.

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How Can You Freeze Velveeta?

To freeze Velveeta, you need a suitable storage procedure so that the cheese does not become dry or hard. After melting, you may find a bit compromised flavor if you had not wrapped it nicely in the freezer. In addition, odors may influence it when within the freezer. Following are the steps to freeze Velveeta:

  1. Remove the cheese from its store-bought package.
  2. Wrap it completely using some good plastic cover. Ensure to wrap in two layers to avoid making it hard.
  3. Place the cheese in a freezer container or bag.
  4. Remove additional air from within the bag.
  5. Close the bag tightly.
  6. Put the bag in the freezer, especially where it is cooler.

For thawing, remove the Velveeta cheese from the freezer and keep it in the refrigerator overnight. Then, melt it using low heat and use it within 48 hours. Do not freeze this defrosted cheese again, as it can adversely affect your health.


Velveeta cheese is easy to freeze. However, do so only if there is lots of cheese left out.

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