Can You Freeze Coleslaw?

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Can You Freeze Coleslaw? Continue reading and you will find the answer.

Coleslaw is a very popular side dish which is formed by mixing shredded carrot with a sliced carrot. The dish is completed by adding a sauce to both vegetables. The Coleslaw can be used in various main course dishes such as Barbecue, meat etc.

can you freeze coleslaw

Can You Freeze Coleslaw? How do You Freeze it?

During the summer Seasons, Coleslaw can be a very good dish for you as it is very light and contains vegetables and sauce. But what if you made a lot of Coleslaw, but you don’t want to waste it. You may have a question like “Can you freeze coleslaw?” The answer is yes you can freeze Coleslaw. But there are some precautions that you need to follow in order to protect it from getting rotten.

If you have used mayonnaise as a sauce in your coleslaw, then it is not suitable for freezing as it may spoil the taste of Coleslaw after freezing. So, if you want to freeze your coleslaw, then you should prefer using any other sauce.

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But if you want to use mayonnaise as your sauce then you should freeze the Coleslaw first and then add mayonnaise to it.  You can also use vinegar-based sauce if you want to freeze your coleslaw.

There are many different types of Coleslaw and various methods are used in order to freeze them. Some of those methods are:

Freezing a Dry Coleslaw

You can very easily freeze a dry coleslaw by putting the dry ingredients in a plastic bag. And, before sealing the bags, make sure that excess air is removed from it. After that, the bag should be kept in the refrigerator by marking the date of freezing on it.

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If you want to use this coleslaw after freezing, then all you have to do is take the packet out of the refrigerator and let it defrost. And after that, quick dry ingredients out from the plastic bags and then add your mayonnaise-based or any other sauce in it. It is preferable to serve the coleslaw at cold temperatures as it tastes good.

Freezing a Coleslaw With Oil or Vinegar Dressing

The Coleslaw which contains oil or vinegar dressing is very easy to freeze. So, instead of freezing dry Coleslaw and then adding mayonnaise to it, you can easily add vinegar or oil dressing to it and directly freeze it.

So these are some of the things that you should keep in mind while sneezing the oil or vinegar dressing Coleslaw. In order to freeze the vinegar or oil-based coleslaw, you should use freezer boxes and keep in mind to remove all the excess air that is present in the bag before sealing it. You should always mark the date of freezing so that you can know when the Coleslaw was frozen.

These are some of the methods that you can use in order to freeze a coleslaw for future use. Although it is not advisable to eat a frozen coleslaw after a year or so. It is best suitable for one month of freezing.

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