sour cream substitute

Sour Cream Substitute - Sour cream is one of the widely used fermented dairy products in the U.S.A whose uses are diverse. It is not only used in baked items..

gochugaru substitute

Gochugaru Substitute Options - If you love to cook spicy Korean dishes, gochugaru is perhaps a well-known ingredient to you. It is widely used in several traditional Korean dishes such..

asiago cheese substitute

Asiago Cheese Substitute Alternatives - Asiago cheese is one of the popular cheeses from Italy. It is a staple, semi-firm, and unpasteurized cheese made from cow’s milk. It is widely..

marjoram substitute - herb

Marjoram Substitute Alternatives - Marjoram is one of the popular European/Mediterranean herbs that is flowery and woodsy in nature. It is commonly used in therapeutic as well as culinary domains...

fenugreek substitute leaves

Fenugreek Substitute Alternatives - Fenugreek, both as leaves and seeds, is one of the widely used herbs or spices in culinary and therapeutic fields. It smells sweet due to the..

peanut oil substitute

Best Peanut Oil Substitute - Peanut oil makes a good choice in every kitchen because its smoke point is high. Simply put, it starts burning and smoking way later than..

best celery substitute

Best Celery Substitute - Like it or not, celery is one of the most common vegetables in a kitchen and can be used for a plethora of dishes. It's a..

parsley substitute

Parsley Substitute Options - Just as any other herb, parsley has its own discrete flavor. Its mild and crisp peppery taste makes it ideal for a variety of dishes, including..

caster sugar vs. powdered sugar

Caster Sugar Vs. Powdered Sugar - Many of us are unaware of the difference between caster and powdered sugar. In fact, for many, there is supposedly no difference at all...

cornmeal vs. corn flour

Some of you might be interested in a discussion about Corn Flour Vs. Cornmeal as they are needed to make certain dishes. You may have a recipe that calls for..