Finding The Best Springform Pan Under 20$

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Best Springform Pan Reviews – One of the most beloved bakeware, the springform pan is great for baking pies, cheesecakes, pizzas, quiches, tortes and frozen desserts.

What sets this pan apart from all other bakeware is the removable sides and the latch that secures and tightens the walls of the pan.  The most common shape is the round one but the springform pan can be found in rectangles, hearts, and squares. When looking for the best springform pan for you, you should take into consideration the material, the shape, other features that might come in handy in the kitchen and also the price range.

Best Springform Pan – Top 4 Products

In case you’re looking for the best springform pan at an affordable price, we have already gathered some popular products for you. You can consider one of these springform pans that suits your requirements. Let’s check them out.

#1. Nordic Ware Leak Proof Springform Pan

Our first choice for the best springform pan is Nordic Ware. Nordic Ware is a US-based company with a tradition of more than 70 years of manufacturing pans. They strive to keep their manufacturing process almost entirely in the US and innovating their products to respond to their customer’s needs. Their Springform Pan is a great addition to any kitchen if you fancy soft, happy, assorted colors.

nordic ware best springform pan

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Great heat distribution

The 9.8’’ x 9.8’’ x 3’’ pan is made of aluminum and has a nonstick coating that will ensure an even distribution of heat and an easy release of your food. This feature will also help with cleaning. Because there is no remaining food on the pan, you could easily wash the pan by hand or put it in the dishwasher and store it until next time.

Leak-proof design

The pan comes with a leak-proof design. The bottom of the pan is a bit wider than the sides and when you tighten the “belt”, it gathers the composition in the middle thus preventing the liquid from escaping the pan.

The Nordic Ware Springform Pan has a capacity of 9 or 10 cups of composition and is globally sourced.

  • Easy maintenance.
  • Leak-proof.
  • Bold colors.
  • Great belt mechanism.

  • Reports of the pan scratching easily.

#2. MCIRCO 9 Inches Non-stick Springform Pan

Mcirco is a supplier of professional home and kitchen products. Their products are BPA free and safe to use for healthy cooking.

mcirco best springform pan

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Healthy Baking

The pan is made of heavy gauge steel, which makes this pan durable and resistant. The pan can resist temperatures as high as 445℉. The material is strong and durable, but it is still BPA- free and non-toxic. The black coating is non-toxic and the red coating is made of Teflon. Another great thing about this is that it is safe to use in a microwave.

Three shapes and sizes

The latch makes a tight seal that reduces the risk of leakage and ensures an easy cleanup. This leak-proof design is available in all the three different shapes sizes of the pan: a 4-inch heart, a 7-inch rectangle, and a 9-inch classic round springform pan.

The Mcirco springform pan needs special maintenance: it is recommended to keep to hand washing it and use a mild detergent. In addition, when using the pan, you should use only soft tools, to prevent scratching the nonstick coating. This pan comes with a 6 months full refund guarantee.

  • Microwave safe.
  • Sturdy.
  • BPA free, safe.
  • Three shapes available.

  • Reports of the pan making mild leakage.

#3. Hiware 9 Inch Non-stick Cheesecake Pan Springform Pan

Hiware delivers quality products at very low prices. They sell flatware, pitchers, teapots, bakeware, kitchen utensils, and cleaning tools.

hiware best springform pan

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Safe and easy to use

The 9.7’’ x 9.2’’ x 2.9’’ springform pan is made of steel and it is a great asset to any kitchen, helping you get a perfect round form. Their simple though elegant pan is nontoxic and the seller guarantees healthy baking, as the pan is PFOA, BPA and PTFE free. The belt is securely latched around the bottom, making a leak-proof seal.

Great for most baked goods

The pan is safe to use in an oven, in high temperatures, delivering great performance at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. That means it can help you make perfect cheesecakes, quiches, and mousse.

The seller recommends hand washing because the pan is not dishwasher safe. They also recommend that before using it, you should condition the pan by wiping the non-stick interior with some cooking oil. While cooking or baking with this pan, you should always use soft utensils and never use metal utensils, to prevent scratching.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to use and assemble.
  • Good leak-proof performance.

  • Reports of the locking mechanism losing strength after a few uses.

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#4. Rachael Ray Oven Lovin’ Nonstick Bakeware

Racheal Ray has launched her own line of cookware since her famous cooking show. Her stylish, solution-driven products are enjoyed by fans and cooking enthusiast alike. The 9-inch pan comes in two shapes: the classical round one and the square.

rachael ray best springform pan

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Stylish and durable

The first feature that sets this springform pan apart from all others is the orange buckle, which really pops up against the grey of the pan and gives a stylish look.

The pan has a strong carbon steel construction that ensures this pan will resist in high temperatures, without warping. Actually, the pan can resist in temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The interior has a non-stick layer that will help you with food release and ensures easy cleaning. The buckle is made of silicone, which ensures a more comfortable grip when you try to tighten or take off the sides. By using less pressure, you also make sure you are not damaging the shape of your baked creations.

Buy and donate

A portion of the money you pay for the pan will contribute to the funding of an NGO that focuses on developing healthy relationships and habits with food and cooking in kids and families.

  • Good non-stick performance.
  • Durable.
  • Heavy-duty pan.
  • Easy-to-grip handles.
  • Very cheap.

  • Reports of the rivets coming apart after a few uses.
  • Reports of the pan presenting mild to moderate leakage.


As you can see, you can find good quality and affordable springform pans. All of them can help you make your favorite baked goods.

When choosing the best springform pan, you should consider the materials. Some of the pretentious materials require special maintenance and conditioning, so you should take into consideration if you are willing to put in some extra time and attention to care for your bakeware.

If you are not a regular baker and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your pans, you can still get a good, safe springform pan that will become a great asset in your kitchen.

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