Exploring Oregano Substitute Options That Are More Likely To Be Present In The Kitchen

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Oregano Substitute Options – Most of us cannot imagine a pizza or its sauce with those liberal sprinkles of oregano. This herb is also a common ingredient in several pasta sauces and Greek recipes. It is also an integral part of Spanish and Turkish recipes.

The main reason why it is used in these savory dishes is its reviving bite that comes from its strong earthy flavor as well as a little peppery edge. Due to its diverse usage in different savory dishes, chefs and cooks usually tend to store oregano in their kitchens, with a few even unhesitatingly purchasing it in bulk.

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However, there are times, when a cook may not have sufficient oregano in the spice cabinet. Similarly, at times, oregano is not a suitable choice if the consumer is allergic to it. In these scenarios, it is obvious to look for an oregano substitute that can render the missing flavor.

4 Oregano Substitute Options

Despite having an extraordinary importance in western cuisine, there are some good alternatives to oregano in case you run out of it at any point in time. The good news is that many of them may already be present in your kitchen. Yes! You need not go out and buy them by leaving cooking halfway. So, let’s explore them!

#1. Marjoram

Did you know that the other name of oregano is wild marjoram? Well, both oregano and marjoram are from the mint family but the flavor of this alternative is sweeter and milder than that of the oregano.

A few chefs use them interchangeably, as there are several recipes whose flavor remains almost the same regardless of which of the two herbs you use. These recipes entail oregano’s sharpness and bitterness along with marjoram’s density.

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Three teaspoons of marjoram equate to two teaspoons of oregano. It should be noted that the flavor of this fresh oregano substitute is a bit more delicate due to which it cannot retain its flavor if cooked for long. Thus, it is ideal to add it when you are almost done with cooking that recipe.

#2. Thyme

This is another mint family option and is used widely as an effective oregano substitute in salads and tomato-based, potato-based, and beans-based recipes. Thyme shares the same taste as of oregano although it has a different look.

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While there are many varieties of this herb, the English and French ones are good alternatives. For obtaining the same taste, you should use thyme in the same quantity as oregano.

#3. Parsley

This option works quite effectively as an oregano substitute for tomato-based recipes. While the appearance differs, the taste is kept intact with the same quantity as of the oregano. See also: Parsley Substitute

#4. Basil

Consider this option if you are preparing strongly flavored items, especially the Italian ones. It is tough to identify the difference between basil and oregano from the culinary point of view. So, using basil is perhaps the best way to get that strong oregano flavor.


It is wise to choose the oregano substitute according to the recipe you are making. Or else, you are less likely to get the desired taste.