6 Estrogen Rich Foods to Include in Your Daily Diet

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Estrogen Rich Foods – Estrogen is one of the most critical hormones required for different processes in the body, such as breast growth, good memory retention, bone growth, and good cholesterol retention. In women, it is responsible for periodic menstrual cycle too.

Well, most of us do not recognize that even men need a particular level of estrogen although it is settled by good levels of testosterone. Still, a high estrogen level in a male body may lead to infertility, cardiovascular disorder, and male breast growth.

On the other hand, in women, it is a low level that can result in insomnia, bladder infections, irregular periods, depression, mood swings, bone loss, and forgetfulness. In case you are going through a few symptoms of low estrogen, consider having some estrogen rich foods. Doing so is likely to help positively.

Six Estrogen Rich Foods

estrogen rich foods

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These foods actually do not offer exactly the produced estrogen in the body. However, they do facilitate the synthesis of phytoestrogen, an estrogen in plants that imitates real estrogen during its processing in the body. Here are six such foods.

1. Flaxseeds

These seeds are considered to be the powerhouse of plant-based estrogen. They are also rich in fiber due to which you not only feel satisfied quickly after the meal but also get rid of slow digestion. Due to fiber content in flaxseeds, flaxseeds are one of the weight loss superfoods too.

Some more benefits of this estrogen rich food are reduced cholesterol and prevention of heart attacks as well as stroke. The latter benefit is due to the rich omega-3s that do not allow the arteries to harden. Well, this is truly noteworthy from a small seed.

You can have these seeds directly or add them to salads or other dishes. It is recommended to add ground flaxseed to smoothies, brews, and soups, as it quickly gels well and appears to disappear.

2. Dried Fruits

These are also the best estrogen rich foods, especially dried dates, apricots, and prunes, as they can restore the estrogen levels. These fruits are full of phytoestrogens to bridge the gap existing in gaining the right level of estrogen.

These dried fruits are also full of fiber, which is another health bonus. You can consider them in snacks or when there is a craving for eating something sweet or something chewy. It is recommended to eat them during the spring season.

Just keep in mind that these dried fruits are not only packed with vitamins and other nutrients but also some sugar. So, it is better to eat in moderation.

3. Chickpeas

This is another rich source of natural phytoestrogen as well as fiber. However, it is also a great source of protein, which is an ideal option for women passing through the menopause phase. It is also ideal for those who have become vegan or have left meat and dairy products. The mix of fiber and protein keeps you satiated for long.

Outside Asia, hummus is perhaps the most common item eaten and it usually contains chickpeas. Apart from that, falafel is also a good option to have. As these items fall short of their own flavor, consider having them with spices and other foods.

4. Alfalfa Sprouts

Very few are aware of alfalfa sprouts as a superfood for boosting the hormone levels. Frankly, this is one of the ignored estrogen rich foods. Apart from being rich in phytonutrients, alfalfa sprouts are also low in carbs as well as calories.

Further, these sprouts also help in controlling the cholesterol levels. Consider having them during spring, as sprouting is natural in these days. You can use it as a topping on salads and sandwiches. Just keep in mind that these sprouts should be eaten in a few days of acquisition.

5. Soy Milk

This is a soy product and has the same health benefits as soybeans and tofu in terms of possessed phytoestrogen. You can drink it easily due to which you can quickly boost your estrogen level. Soy milk also helps in relieving a few post-menopause symptoms by boosting the level of estrogen.

Soy milk is also rich in calcium. Several makers these days fortify soy milk to make it nutritious, especially for those who are allergic to cow’s milk. You can use this milk for baking and cooking, and also with cereals.

6. Beans

It is known that beans have a high fiber content along with the potential to reduce cholesterol. However, beans also are full of phytoestrogen as well as protein. Even diabetics can have them, as they are digested gradually to keep sugar spike away.

You can choose any beans of your choice and expect all these benefits. Consider adding them to soups and other liquid dishes or simply have them cooked.

Bottom Line

These estrogen rich foods contain estrogen-like content due to which they can result in increasing the level of the hormone. However, they are usually recommended for women, as men are likely to be affected negatively if they try to increase the hormone’s level.

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