DiGize Essential Oil – Composition, Uses, Advantages & Side Effects

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Whether it comes to various wounds, inflammations, insomnia or just flu symptoms, you would try anything to tackle such problems before they aggravate and affect your lifestyle. In an attempt to keep natural, more and more people turn to essential oils for relief. This is when the DiGize essential oil kicks in. So, what should you know about it and what does it do?

What is DiGize Essential Oil?

digize essential oil

The oil is practically a blend of eight different essential oils:

  • Lemongrass – anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal.
  • Patchouli – digestive.
  • Fennel – antiseptic.
  • Tarragon – antiseptic.
  • Peppermint – digestive and anti-fungal.
  • Juniper – Detoxifier.
  • Ginger – Digestive.
  • Anise – Antispasmodic and antiseptic.

Relieve Stomach Discomfort

Whether you mix it with vegetable oil or carrier oil, the DiGize essential oil can be massaged into temples, neck, ears, feet or wrists, not to mention the stomach when being constipated or experiencing bloating sensations.

Most specialists recommend applying it with clockwise movements, as it gets everything to move in an anticlockwise movement. All the discomfort will slow down then.

Handle Indigestion

Known for its antiseptic properties, the oil also comes with anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic advantages. Their main role is to help patients deal with indigestion in a more efficient manner. You can add it to your drinking water or just add about five drops in a gel capsule.

Other solutions to take this oil include massaging it into the abdomen or having a few drops under the tongue for as long as possible.

Treat Nausea

Nausea is associated with many affections. It is not really an affection by itself, but only through its associations. If you experience nausea due to food poisoning or stomach flu, two capsules a day are enough.

Another way to take the DiGize oil against nausea is to place one drop into one hand, then massage the oil behind your ears. Apart from nausea, this technique also helps against morning sickness.

Boost the Immune System

You do not necessarily have to suffer from a medical disease in order to take advantage of this essential oil. You can just as well have it for maintenance – dosage is smaller and potential issues are less likely to affect you.

For instance, how about traveling? However, most manufacturers recommend taking it as a dietary supplement instead. Just add a couple of drops to your drinks or even your honey. The manufacturers do not recommend using a plastic coup, so you should stay away from this material.

Eliminate Bacterias and Parasites

No one wants the things inside their bodies, but such situations do occur. Just because you do not get yourself checked, it does not mean that you are perfectly healthy. Whether it comes to most parasites pits there, the DiGize essential oil will protect both humans and pets.

In order to give it this use, rob it on the belly or just grab five drops on a daily basis.

Disadvantages of DiGize Essential Oil

The essential oil is rich in active compounds, hence the necessity to be careful while taking it – no overdoses or exaggerated uses. Using too much of it might cause even more skin inflammation than you had before, plus irritation. This side effect is more common in those who have a sensitive skin.

One single essential oil can cause allergies in sensitive users. With eight of them put together, the risk becomes higher. While entire natural, flowers, and herbs come with a series of active ingredients – likely to trigger an allergy.

For this reason, it might be wise to consult your doctor before taking oils. The essential oil is not actually recommended for internal uses, although some of the affections it can cure demand an oral administration. Potential side effects may vary from one user to another.

Ideally, you should combine it, even when applying it topically. You can use coconut or almond oil for dilution.


Bottom line, the DiGize essential oil can and will work wonders in the long run if used responsibly and according to the instructions. Although it is not a drug or a medication, it does have active substances, so it is not to be overused.

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