How to Tell the Differences Between Snow Crab Vs. King Crab

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Snow Crab Vs. King Crab – Most people are quite inexperienced when it comes to seafood. Sure, they know the basics, but cooking will raise a series of question marks. There are numerous species out there and none of them is as popular as more common types of meat, such as chicken or beef. Unless you live in a fishing village by the coast, chances are you have no idea how to differentiate snow crab vs. king crab.

Snow Crab Vs. King CrabWhat’s the Difference?

Crabs are quite diversified. They have certain characteristics, biological features, and habits. In terms of food, they have a different, yet similar taste. What really makes the difference is the cooking method. All in all, a little education will work wonders in the long run. So, what are the main differences between snow crab vs. king crab?

snow crab vs. king crab

Differences in Appearance

You don’t have to be a genius to notice the differences between snow and king crabs. Snow crabs come with four sets of legs, as well as one set of claws. They are round and have multiple nuances of brown – darker on top. They’re around 4.5 inches in size, while males are up to two times bigger than females.

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King crabs are usually brown, but they might have dark red nuances too. The spines on their body represent the main difference. Also, they have three pairs of legs. One of the claws is large and the other one is smaller. Their size varies widely – less than an inch for babies and over 7 inches for adults.

Differences in Taste

The differences in taste between snow crab vs. king crab are the main reasons behind a recipe. They’re useful in different cuisines too. From this point of view, it’s worth noting that snow crabs have white meat. It’s whiter than other types of white meat. Also, it’s more commonly served as a delicacy, despite the fact that snow crabs are more popular than king crabs.

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In terms of taste, it feels flaky and has a sweet aroma. It’s not too rich, but quite delicate instead. The king crab is sweeter, yet its flavor is more intense. The large legs are almost always served during a meal.

Differences in Nutritional Values

Both types of crab are rich in quality protein. You don’t have to eat too much crab for a solid dose of it. Also, they’re low in fat and calories. With such characteristics in mind, it’s no surprise why they’re often rated as delicacies. The king crab is richer in flavor though, so it can be mixed with other ingredients without losing the aroma.

Differences in Harvesting Numbers

Only in 2012, there were close to 90 million pounds of snow crab harvested from the Bering Sea, as well as five times less king crabs. Despite these numbers, snow crab is a more expensive delicacy than king crab.

Final Words

Bottom line, it’s not so hard to tell the difference between snow crab vs. king crab. In terms of appearance, it’s obvious. When it comes to the actual taste, there aren’t too many differences.

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