How To Dehydrate Bananas – Get Them to Taste Great

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In this video, you will learn how to Dehydrate Bananas.

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Hi, guys, it's Alisa at my cottage. Today I'm going to show you how to dehydrate bananas.

Step one

I've got some overripe bananas here that aren't really good for eating. They'd be alright for baking. I'm turning into a cake or biscuits or even giving to the poultry but not really good for eating. Peel them and chop them up into even pieces so that they dry evenly. I spread them out on the trays so that there's air circulation and I just stack the trays up.

On this last try, I'm going to show you how we use the lemon juice. The lemon juice only changes the color so it keeps the banana from going brown. It keeps it a more yellow color so we add some water and some lemon to a bowl. Then we cut up the banana and we soak the banana in the bowl for 2 minutes.

The banana we're using for this tray is also a ready-to-eat banana which I find doesn't make good dehydrating bananas. I think the overripe bananas are way better but I just wanted to show you the difference.

Step two

When you've stacked all the trace you put the lid on. On this machine, fruits are 58 degrees Celsius which is 136 degrees Fahrenheit. So we set the temperature and now we just be patient.
We're 3 hours in and I like to turn the trays around and give them a chance to be in different places. So I pop the one that was up to the top down the bottom.

I rearranged the trays where 9 hours in and you can already see the difference in colors see that bottom tray. Now that's the one that was treated with lemon juice and the rest of the trays weren't. So you can see the difference between the ones were treated with lemon juice.

That's these ones here they're lighter in color. They're firm up and the ones that weren't treated with lemon juice are more sticky and a darker caramel color. That's cool that's really good.


So definitely the overripe bananas not treated with lemon juice is better. There's so much flavor in them things are dry I don't like. The texture just so much either it's okay honeymoon maybe like cardboard sort of texture whereas these are more like a soft toffee anyway.

Personal preference. I recommend letting the bananas go overripe if you're going to be dehydrating them. I don't mean treating them with lemon juice makes any difference apart from the color. So I prefer not to do it that's up to you as well try it and see what you think anyway.

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