Deciding On The Best Instant Pot Cookbook – What Should You Get?

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Having the best instant pot cookbook in your kitchen will certainly pay off in the long run. Sure, you can always get some recipes off the Internet, but think about it for a minute. Do you really feel like running back and forth from your laptop to the stove?

Besides, many times you’ll be too lazy to do that. It’s much more convenient to just open a book in your kitchen and get to work. From this point of view, having a few books next to you will certainly help out when you run out of creativity.

best instant pot cookbook

The Best Instant Pot Cookbook – Top 4 Picks

Now, what are the best pot cookbooks on the market and what can you find inside?

#1. Instant Pot Everyday Delicious

Most recipes take less than half an hour to be done. Of course, you’ll find even quicker choices out there. Find out how to come up with a fancy breakfast in 10 minutes or a sophisticated lunch within 20 minutes only. All recipes are based on healthy ingredients. Their main role is to provide plenty of macro-nutrients without compromising on the taste. They’re ideal for those on a diet, as well as those who simply want to adopt a healthy lifestyle without skipping their favorite foods.

Written by John Leroy, the book has 138 pages and covers over 100 instant pot recipes. Furthermore, there are small guides on healthy cooking, as well as tips and tricks to spend less time in the kitchen. Simply put, it will make cooking a pleasure.

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#2. Instant Electric Pressure Cooker

Laurel Randolph’s best instant pot cookbook is based on healthy meals and extra efficiency. There’s nothing you cannot do with this cookbook in your kitchen. From healthy breakfasts to amazing dinners, all recipes are made to be easy. You don’t have to be a chef, just like you won’t need any fancy ingredients.

There are over 100 recipes for all kinds of diets – general, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free and so on. You’ll have all the details, such as the pressure and even the cooking time. Most of them can cook within half an hour though, yet you’ll also find more impressive solutions to impress your guests. Kid-friendly dishes are not to be overlooked either.

Whether you’re a busy mom, a cooking enthusiast or a beginner looking for some tips, this book is a complete guide for your kitchen.

#3. Instant Pot Cookbook Delicious Nutritional

Susan Moore sure knows what she’s talking about. Her work is probably the best instant pot cookbook in terms of both quantity and quality. There are not less than 618 easy to follow recipes in this book. They’re all based on ingredients that you can find in pretty much any grocery store – no fancy or hard to find products. Plus, they can be cooked in an instant pot within minutes only. Worried about your dieting requirements? Each recipe comes with complete nutritional value details.

The pot recipes are designed for each occasion. You can find simple meals for a quick lunch, as well as more comprehensive dishes for fancy dinners. They’re categorized by multiple criteria, so you can choose between lamb, seafood, pork, poultry, beef and vegetarian dishes.

As if all these were not enough, readers gain access to all kinds of charts and indexes for an in-deep education on food.

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#4. Essential Instant Pot cookbook Foolproof

Coco Morante has managed to create the foolproof instant pot cookbook. Even if this is the first time you use an instant pot, there’s no way to fail if you follow the instructions. The book has been a best seller. It covers every meal of the day with proper recipes – both classic and less traditional, all of them with easy to find ingredients. Further education on nutritional values, charts and indexes will help you make more informed decisions in terms of dieting.

Recipes are organized by multiple criteria. You can find breakfast or dinner recipes, as well as dishes based on various ingredients – even for vegetarians or gluten-free dieters.


Bottom line, it does pay off having a few books in your kitchen for inspiration. However, deciding on the best instant pot cookbook can be challenging with so many choices out there. Chances are once you buy a book, you’ll add a few others to your collection for diversity anyway.

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