Dairy-Free Ice Cream Recipe

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You should try this dairy-free ice cream recipe. This ice cream is the perfect treat for warm summer days.

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Video Title: Dairy-Free Ice-Cream Recipe (No Ice-cream Machine Required)

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Hey, guys, it's Liv here is my take on three dairy-free ice creams the recipe for the base was created by Gemma at bigger bolder baking and I will put her link to her video in the description box. So please go check that out but here are my three flavors that I created. I hope you guys will try them out too so let's get into the recipes.

Ice Cream Base

So the night before you make your ice cream you're going to need 3 cans of full-fat coconut milk. You're going to pour one of the cans into a pot with 2/3 a cup of sugar. Then you're going to put it on a really low to medium heat and let it simmer gently for 30 minutes to an hour. Until it has reduced by about half and turned into a thicker consistency. Then you're going to put it in the fridge overnight. Put the other two cans of coconut milk in the fridge overnight as well.

Mixing Ice Cream Base

The day that you're making your ice cream you're going to take the two cans of coconut milk out of the fridge. Scoop off the thick coconut cream that rose to the top. But try not to get the water that's underneath because that'll actually make your ice cream icier. We want it to be more creamy but don't throw away the water. You can use it in smoothies and it is really good.

Then you're going to turn on your beaters and beat the coconut cream until it's really thick and creamy. Then take out the coconut milk and sugar mix that you put in the fridge the night before. Add that to the coconut cream in the bowl. Then you're going to whip those two together until it's really soft and fluffy, looks a lot like whipped cream.

If you have something like vanilla extract I suggest adding that. Because it helps keep the ice cream from getting crystallized. I think it's the alcohol in the extract that keeps it from getting crystallized. Then it should look like this when it's done. A really thick fluffy dairy-free ice cream recipe.

Chocolate Lover Flavor

So the first flavor I'm going to show you how to make is the chocolate lover. So the way we're going to make this is by using a third of the ice cream base. With a couple tablespoons of your superfoods chocolate lover mix. So in the beginning, I put a tablespoon and a half. Then I stirred it around and realized that it wasn't quite enough, so I added another tablespoon. If you don't have this mix or you don't feel like trying it you can use cocoa instead of this. But I highly recommend this mix. Because it's got like cacao lucuma chia seeds coconut.

It's just so good and it made this ice cream taste amazing. Then once it's all mixed you're going to carefully lightly spoon it into a container. So that it's really light and fluffy and not compacted at all. Then you're just going to pop it in the fridge for a few hours until it is an ice cream consistency. It should look something like this. I just added some chocolate chips on top for extra chocolatey goodness.

Strawberry Shortcake Flavor

So the next flavor we're going to make is strawberry shortcake. This is actually I think my favorite out of the three. It turned out so well thanks to my mother for suggesting this flavor. So you're going to take another third of the base and a biscuit. Then you're going to put some crushed fresh strawberries into the mix. Be careful not to get too much of the juice. Because just like the water it will make this icier rather than creamy.

So just be careful of that and then just add in the pieces of biscuit, give it a good stir. Again same as the chocolate, you're just going to lightly plop it into a container. Make sure that it's not too compact it. Then again just put that in the freezer for a few hours. When you take it out it should look like this. So I topped mine with just another chunk of biscuit and half a fresh strawberry just for presentation purposes. I think it turned out so cute.

Cookies and Cream Flavor

The last flavor we're making is cookies and cream. So for this, I just use some crushed Oreos. Now I know that not all Oreos are vegan in every country so make sure you check the label. But in my country they are vegan so I use those. But you can also use any other kind of cookie that you like. So I just crushed about 4 or 5 cookies because I wanted mine to be really concentrated with the cookie flavor. This is how it turned out it came out.

Well, those are the three ice cream flavors. I can definitely do more flavors if you request it. I hope you guys enjoyed this dairy-free ice cream recipe video. I will see you next time.