Cottage Cheese Substitute

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Cottage Cheese Substitute – Cottage cheese is an excellent food for snacking, cooking as well as a supplement to a healthy diet. Sometimes, you want to make some recipe that needs cottage cheese, but at that time, it is not available.

In such a case, what can you use as substitutes for cottage cheese? This question arises in many people’s mind. Here are some alternative suggested that you can use in your dishes so, go ahead and read it.

Cottage Cheese Substitute Options

1. Plain eating

  • Yogurt – if you need some creamy dairy then this will make a good replacement.
  • Kefir – it is made from milk as well as it has runnier texture and contains live cultures which make it a good replacement. Also, it has many health benefits.
  • Ricotta cheese it is very much similar to the cottage cheese. It has a slightly sweet flavor also.
  • Cheddar, Havarti, gouda – all these are hard cheese, and it can make a good snack too. You can serve all these hard cheeses on the French bread or on crackers with fruits on the side.

2. In cooking

When making any recipe, and you don’t have cottage cheese, then making use of the replacement is the best option. If you are making the baked product that starts with batter, example- muffins, then try substituting cottage cheese with something which has the similar texture. Make use of the sour cream or the plain Greek yogurt or whipped cream cheese with little water added to improve the texture.

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If in your dish cottage cheese is to be used as a layer or filling, example- lasagna or pasta recipe. Then replacement of cottage cheese can be ricotta cheese. If you don’t have that too then use béchamel sauce made from flour, butter or milk. It will create a thick creamy layer. A puree of chickpeas spiced, beans, etc. with right herbs also act as good replacement.

3. To supplement protein

If you use the cottage cheese to raise the protein in your diet, but just in case, you do not have it at that point of time, and then you need its replacement with good protein content. In such case, Greek yogurt acts as a good replacement as it is high in protein and its consistency is somehow similar to cottage cheese.

Egg whites can also be a good replacement as it also has good protein content and it can be served in the omelet. Lean meat also acts as the good replacement as it has good protein content and it is the very healthy choice. Your protein demand will be accomplished with all these replacements.

These are some of good cottage cheese substitute options. Try them out in your dishes in case you lack cottage cheese. There may be a little or slight difference in the taste, but you will get the same texture as well as good taste in your dish. There are many more substitutes available for replacing the cottage cheese.

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